Owner Mosquito Hooks

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$2.79 to $11.49


Owner Mosquito Hooks are fast becoming a favorite for drop shot rigging. The Owner Mosquito Hooks are available in a variety of sizes allowing you to use the proven drop shot rig for an array of species, from bass and walleye to panfish. These hooks are best used with light line, in windy conditions or turbulent water where it is difficult to maintain a tight line. Owner Mosquito Hooks are perfect for rigging small live baits, nose hooking soft plastics, and wacky rigging worms. Owner Mosquito Hooks feature a fine-wire forged shank with an offset Super Needle Point and a black chrome finish.

  • Black chrome finish
  • Fine wire
  • Forged shank
  • Offset Super Needle Point

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Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

11/8/2013 12:00:00 am

Great for trout.

by Jim -

These hooks are terrific for small stream trout fishing. I first bought size 8 (only size the place had), then when I saw Fishusa was stocking them I immediately ordered a 68 pack in size 10. I use size 10 with 4 lb. flourocarbon with a salmon egg,wax worm, meal worm or garden worm. The hook is thin enough with these baits to make a very natural presentation. Very pleased with this product.

7/23/2019 11:28 pm

They’re brittle, handle with care.

by Gary

Save your money. I've only tried them in a size 10 but that was enough for me. I’ve had them break on fish and 5 minutes ago one snapped in my fly vise. Brittle little things.

11/3/2019 12:46 am

Steelhead stickers!

by Blake

These hooks are my favorite for steelhead!!! I use the size 4 in my glo bug patterns. The sharp, fine point penetrates while the geometry provides excellent holding. I have utmost confidence in them!

1/21/2020 4:14 pm

Highly recommend

by Catchtrout

I've used this hook in size 10 for years for trout.. I finally let my friends in on their secret and their, the friends, catch rate skyrocketed. The fine wire allows a very natural presentation and will out fish any other hook when fish are inactive and/or the water is crystal clear.