Okuma Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel

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Okuma Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel Models

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Reel Weight
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Product Details

Product Details

The Sheffield DRII Centerpin Disk Drag Reel features the precision smoothness centerpin's are known for with the fish stopping power of a center disk drag. When a fish runs you won't be at the mercy of a simple clicker and an over run spool. Set the drag, turn the ratchet knob to the on position, cast and drift like a standard centerpin reel, then when a fish is hooked, turn the ratchet knob to the off position. The outgoing drag and retrieve is silent.

  • Black frame with red spool
  • Precision CNC machined aluminum frame and spool
  • Revolutionary centerpin drag
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Two german precision HPB stainless steel ball bearings
  • Ported spool with exposed rim for easy control
  • On-off ratchet
  • Twin removable handles
  • Left or right hand convertible
  • Silent retrieve

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Great reel


Great pin for beginners, drag is nice

Great for a novice angler looking to learn how to pin


Pros - Okuma really doesn't make a bad product for the price. This is my second Sheffield DRII. The reel is great for a novice or experienced pinner, extreme light line applications or someone who hasn't battled a large fish on a pin. The drag provides an added comfort for a fisherman who has never experienced a larger fish or just wants to make sure they land a trophy. Once the reel start-up occurs you will experience drifts similar to higher end products. One can battle a fish with or without the drag. When the drag is applied it is extremely smooth. Parts are easy to find and inexpensive. My experience has shown that the reel can take a daily beating and still stay in good shape for multiple seasons. Cons - Start-up isn't great in extreme low flow situations, however once the reel gets going it will allow for an acceptable track. The drag is not adjustable when a fish is running. The mechanics of the drag are small and delicate, don't attempt any stream side repairs.

Okuma DRII

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bought this to upgrade reels , tried it in the yard and wow ! much smoother than my starter centerpin , used it recently on the Muskegon river in Mi. for steelhead, cast better and the drag feature was great , no breakoffs even with 6 lb floro, took the guesswork out of how much pressure to use , would really be helpful with cold wet hands.



I had the 1st gen okuma Sheffield, loved it. Bought the dr2 when it first came out. No big differences between these two, just the dr2 looks better lol. Great "hero" long drifts. i Palm everything for the most part, but engage the drag when I'm into something heavy. The drag is a great thing to have, and is worth it's weight in gold when you think you may want to put a certain fish on the wall. Great product. I've fished almost every kind of pin available, and the dr2 is affordable and ranks very high in durability and quality.


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Reel makes a ticking noise, not sure if that normal