Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weight

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Item No.: F10979

Product Details

Product Details

Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights offer the trolling angler a simple and easy alternative to using traditional downriggers and divers to get lures down to mid level depths. The design of the in-line Tadpole features a flat faced trolling weight with two coast lock snaps. When you set your lure out, the face of the Tadpole points downward, and the coast lock stays at the top of the arm in the clipped position. When a fish strikes, the coast lock slides down the arm into the tripped position, so you easily fight the fish and not the resistance of the diving weight itself. These diving weights are 99% lead free and feature a durable black powder coated finish.

Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights are highly effected by speed. Slight fluctuations in speed can dramatically impact the running depth. Going slower will cause these Off Shore Tackle Tadpole Diving Weights to run deep whereas going faster will cause them to rise and run shallower. This also applies to turns, the inside rods will run a little deeper and the outside rods will run a little shallower.

Each package contains one Tadpole Diving Weight and two coast lock snaps.

ModelWeight (oz.)Length (in.)Speed (mph)Test (lb.)Depth (ft.)Feet Back (Approx.)(ft.)
OR36 112 7/82.510 (mono) / 40 (braid)22122
OR36 112 7/81.510 (mono) / 40 (braid)28150
OR36 112 7/81.010 (mono) / 40 (braid)46150
OR36 21 3/103 1/82.510 (mono) / 40 (braid)26134
OR36 21 3/103 1/81.510 (mono) / 40 (braid)32144
OR36 21 3/103 1/81.010 (mono) / 40 (braid)50172
OR36 334 1/23.020 (mono)20148
OR36 334 1/22.020 (mono)30145
OR36 334 1/22.020 (mono)30145
OR36 334 1/22.010 (mono)32130
OR36 Magnum4 1/252.520 (mono)38151
OR36 Magnum4 1/252.020 (mono)48145
OR36 Magnum4 1/252.540 (braid)46145
OR36 Magnum4 1/252.040 (braid)60150

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16 Reviews

these pound fish


tried both sizes out each side of boat, trolled over a underwater point and crushed 2 giant smallmouths the very first troll. next point 3 walleyes. i will be ordering more !!!


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The tap pole work great getting down to a certain depth. Less water drag then the dippy divers. Easy to use Would be nice if the size was marked on the item! Mike

Better than sliced bread

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Need one/two sizes a little heavier.

Great product for trolling

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Great weight for trolling, love how it releases. Caught lots more fish now that we have depth consistency and running different leads.

Great diver.

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Great product to get your lure to the depth you want to troll it at.