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Off Shore Tackle Single Downrigger Release

10 Reviews
$9.49 to $13.49
SKU: F10060


Off Shore Tackle Single Downrigger Releases are full size releases designed for trolling with downriggers. These releases are available in different tensions for various trolling situations. The line tension can be adjusted further by placing the line deeper into the release pads, thus adding more resistance. Attach the release to the downrigger cannon ball with the snap, and the fishing line from the rod is positioned between the pads. These downrigger releases include a 7-inch stainless steel leaders and 2/0 snaps.

The Off Shore Tackle Single Downrigger Releases are made in the U.S.A.

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10 reviews

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Off Shore Tackle Single Downrigger Releases

by -

I`ve have owned and used these releases made by Off Shore Tackle for years. Always performed and worked properly. A very good quality release, for the money. I currently use the medium tension releases for salmon, So I just currently ordered a pair of the light tension release to use on them cisco and white fish. I would highly recommend these releases made by Off Shore Tackle.

great release

by -

I use these on lake ontario for salmon and these work great never a false release.

Good downrigger release

by -

This release will handle any normal freshwater or light salt water trolling situation. I have but one complaint. In my opinion the leader needs to be at least twice as long.

Just as Described

by -

I was having trouble with my old releases and walleyes not triggering them when hit. The light release from Off Shore Tackle worked perfectly for trolling worm harnesses.

Offshore Light Release

by -

Very simple to use. Dependable. Set release tension according to insert depth.

Offshore releases

by -

This is one of the best releases I have found for consistency while fishing deep depths, up to 300 ft.


by -

Downrigging IS impossible without one of these.. -stong -enough "peg" to keep the fish on, with enough pressure to set the hook-in, before the line is released..RECOMMENDED..

Does its job...

by -

Simple product that works.

Release does it all

by -

Attaches easily to downrigger ball. Fish are able take line easily from release. Placement in the pads properly will release with ease. Not to tight as some are difficult to release.

DR release

by -

Easy to use off downrigger ball for trolling, just put line in further in pad for greater hold.