Off Shore Tackle In-Line Side Planer Board

Item No.: F10114

Product Details

Product Details

Off Shore Side Planer Boards are designed for stability and performance. Off Shore Side Planer Boards are properly ballasted to run in rough water and at ultra-low speeds. These in-line planer boards are excellent for deep-diving crankbaits and for use with leadcore. The OR-12 has taken all the abuse these hard fishing professionals could dish out and performed with walleye, salmon, steelhead, stripers, muskie and even sailfish and dolphin.

  • Includes: RO-19 release, OR-16 clip, stationary flag, 6/32 screw, nylon nut, split ring, and instructions

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I bought 1 to try it out


I bought one to try on the big pond lake ontario this past thurday 4/22/10 near oswego ny, using a small 16 foot alum boat in 2-3 foot waves, close in to shore line followed directions 10-12lb test missed 1 fish after hook up trying to release the fish from the board to play him out to the boat. release's are very firm I storngly recommend getting the planner board to the boat then have your buddie grab the board and release it like that as with 2-3 foot waves you can loose site of the board while trolling 3 other rods and end up losing the board in the surf. I did mangage 1 13 lb brown trout after fighting him and the board to the boat then releasing the board to play the fish they work but have some limitations to playing the fish free of the board

Mellow Yellow Quite The Fellow

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The boards allow multiple lines to be set out using various lure presentations. They can detect fish strikes fairly regularly.

Works Fine

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Have used these for years. A good addition is the tattle flag kit. these work well in 2 foot or less waves at lower speeds.

slowly continuous side planer board

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I need this planerboard in Switzerland. I am the only one who has this and it is the best one. A lot of fishers in Switzerland doesen't now this product and they are astonished. Very nice with the flag who is going down when a fish cath the bait.

Best way to troll for Walleye

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Cost effective and easy way to troll for Walleye.