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Off Shore Tackle Adjustable Planer Board Release

10 Reviews
$11.99 to $20.99
SKU: F10063


Off Shore Tackle Adjustable Planer Board Releases are half the size of the standard Off Shore Tackle planer board releases, but retain all the field-proven features with the addition of an adjustable tension spring. Each release has a split-ring for in-line planer board use and a quick-clip for use with larger planer boards.

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Easy Operation

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New at using side planers but they work great

The OR19 planer clips from Off Shore Tackle

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I use these release clips to make my down rigger release systems. The OR19 is great for light or heavy tension. With heavy tension you can pull heavy gear at fast speeds without always having to re-clip like you would with light tension releases.

Well made and no failures.

by -

Have used these for years. I find Off Shore products to be well made, durable and easy to use. Pad pressure is easily adjustable simply by sliding a durable spring in a slot. The pads will wear and can be replaced. Carry extras but over the years have not often had to do that. Have found nothing about this product that I am unhappy with and thats unusual these days.

The best release clips out there!

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I build my own plainer boards and the Off Shore brand is hands down my favorite.


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trolling heavy lures & weights works great. VERY PLEASE.

Off Shore Tackle makes a good product!

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Have used these Off Shore products for years and prefer this release as it is durable, easily adjustable and if the pads wear from years of use an inespensive kit is availabe to replace the small pads with just a drop of super glue.

works excellent hold great

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Worked great for what I use them for,offshore planer boards.

get what you pay for

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Works well. I had got some cheap ones never even made it on the water with them. Get what you pay for. Adjustable spring tension works well.

OR10 Releases

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I use these releases to run lead core line off planer boards. When I received them, I noticed that the mouth of the clips barely opened. They would hardly fit mono line let alone lead core. I had to disassemble them and file some material away to make them open enough to fit lead core line. I made them work, but I shouldn't have to. I have some older ones, same model, that don't have this problem. They must have changed their design slightly. They work, but if you're using lead core, you'll have to make them work.

Easy release for walleye

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Releases every time on lite biting walleye