O-Wacky Wacky Rig Tool with Lanyard

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Product Details

Product Details

The O-Wacky Wacky Rig Tool with Lanyard is the easiest and the quickest way to set up a wacky style rig or Neko rig. The tool works in conjunction with the O-Rings to help prevent the hooks from tearing the plastic baits. This tool comes with a lanyard, keeping it ready for action. To apply the O-Ring on the bait, slide the O-Ring on the wider part of the O-Wacky tool, insert the plastic bait or worm into the tool up to the desired ring position, and then slip the O-ring from the O-wacky tool onto the plastic bait or worm. The O-wacky tool is ideal for use with stick style plastic bait or worms. The O-wacky tool comes with 10 O-rings added to the tool. Setting the stick style bait or a worm in a wacky rig has never been easier!

  • Perfect for setting up wacky style rig or Neko rig
  • Ideal for use with 5 - 7 inch stick style plastic baits
  • Lanyard included
  • Includes 10 O-Rings added to the tool
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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