Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncer

$5.79 - $8.99
Item No.: F11384

Product Details

Product Details

Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers are the most versatile, sensitive and snag free bottom bouncer on the market. The sleek stick shaped design is made from extruded rolled SuperStainless Rod to provide minimum resistance and maximum sensitivity when trolled or dragged along the bottom. Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers are designed to bounce along the bottom and glide over jagged rocks, logs, stumps, and weed cover without getting snagged up. The patented Quick-Change Weight Snap allows you to quickly and easily change weights and stow rods with out weight attached. The roller swivel eliminates line twist and provides free-spinning motion. Fluorescent Sunrise Attractor Paint works as an attraction device to lure fish in for closer inspection.

  • Length: 12 in.

Due to state law restrictions, we cannot ship the following lead weights or sinkers to the following states:

  • New York - Lead sinkers 1/2 ounce or less;
  • Maine - Lead sinkers either 1 ounce or less, or less than 2 1/2 inches;
  • New Hampshire - Lead sinkers 1 ounce or less, or lead jigs less than 1 inch in length;
  • Vermont - Lead sinkers 1/2 ounce or less;
  • Massachusetts - Lead sinkers 1 ounce or less, or lead jigs less than 1 ounce.

If an order shipping to one of these states includes an item restricted in that state, we will remove that item from the order and ship the remaining items.


Clevis options.


Northland makes a brass speed clevis if you are concerned about the plastic ones that come with these bouncers. I have personally never had a problem but was reading some of the reviews that had concerns.

Weak clevis


Not sure yet. the plastic clevis looks to be a week spot.

Good product


I will admit I dont care for the plastic clips that hold these on the line but i have not had a clip break. The increased sensitivity of these make them worth the price to me.

Northland Slick-Stick Bottom Bouncers

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I purchased 3 1 1/2oz & 3 1oz from FishUSA took them fishing and LOST 4 of them in the fishing trip. They have a VERY POOR DESIGN ALL OF THEM BROKE OFF at the plastic clip that connects the slick stick to the line. WILL NOT BUY THEM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(