Northland Mr. Walleye Colorado Crawler Hauler

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Item No.: F19889


Anglers, are you looking for a secret weapon in your arsenal for the walleye season? Look no further than the Northland Mr. Walleye Colorado Crawler Hauler, designed specifically to troll and drift to tempt some giant walleye into striking. The Colorado blade is designed to create a thump, flash, and vibration at slower speeds, making a ruckus that will quickly have it the center of attention. The variety of options include colors perfect for low-visibility conditions as well as clear, bright conditions. Also equipped with a front #2 hook and rear #4 hook that can easily hold Salmon-Eggs. The Northland Mr. Walleye Colorado Crawler Hauler is designed for that angler looking for that secret walleye weapon.

  • Designed for trolling and drifting giant walleye
  • Hand-snelled with a tough and transparent 60 inch Bionic leader
  • Can easily hold premium Salmon-Egg with the hooks
  • Features a #2 front hook and a #4 back hook
  • Produces maximum flash and like like reflection
  • Rig with a live nightcrawler or IMPULSE nightcrawler
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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