Northland Air-Plane Jig

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Product Details

Product Details

Featuring an aerodynamic winged design, the Northland Air-Plane Jig flies around in a semi-circle when jigged, pumped, or freefalling. A favorite among ice anglers, the Air-Plane Jig helps you land trophy lake trout, northern pike, or other larger predators. Its hot Super-Glo neon color glows forever and attracts fish like a magnet. Finished with a lifelike holographic image, the body matches the hatch while genuine bucktail and mylar tail pulsates, swims, and reflects like a real baitfish. You can vertically jig or drop this jig for a spiral downfall, waiting for a strike. You can also let it hit bottom and reel it back, adding subtle jigging motions to make the bucktail come to life. Made by fishermen for fishermen, Northland knows exactly what will work when ice fishing. Try the Northland Air-Plane Jig today!

  • Aerodynamic winged design that flies in a semi-circle when jigged, pumped, or dropped on a free-fall
  • Tie directly to jig with small crane/ball bearing swivel 12-18 inc. above it
  • Hot Super-Glo "neon" attractor colors glow forever and lure fish like a magnet
  • Lifelike "holographic" baitfish-image body matches the hatch
  • Premium VMC cone-cut hook
  • Flashabou mylar strips reflect like like baitfish scales
  • Genuine bucktail breathes, pulsates, and swims like a baitfish
  • Deadly trailing Sting'r hook gets the short-striking biters
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


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