Nils USA Auger Replacement Cutting Head

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Product Details

Product Details

Nils USA Replacement Auger Cutting Heads are designed to work with Nils USA hand augers and power augers. Nils USA Auger Replacement Cutting Heads feature a one piece design instead of individual blades, offering a stronger over all cutting surface. The cutting heads are constructed of high chromium steel, which is more durable than other brands of auger blades and will stay sharper much longer. These cutting heads are powder coated in red, to help prevent corrosion. The eight in. Power Auger Cutting Head features an integrated power point.

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Please note: The cutting heads may be the standard red color or black. There is no difference in fit or function, just color. We will ship what is available.

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Replacement 6” nil cutting blade


Ordering on line was very easy and the product shipped ASAP. I was very pleased with how well my new auger blade worked

Nils 4 1/2 in auger head


Very friendly people. Cared about the product they were selling. Product arrived in short time. Will shop here again.

I would absolutely buy this product agai

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this is an excelent product, but finding someone to sharpen it is difficult.

Fantastic as Usual

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I bought this as a backup when the original head needs sharpening which is about every four years! Every time I'm out on the ice someone asks what brand of auger is that? It out cuts my power auger.

8 Nils Master Auger Head

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I fished this winter on lakes that had 30"+ of ice, and it took between 22 to 23 seconds to slice through it. It's an amazing auger, and it's nice to be stealth when everyone else is making noise on the lake.