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NewNetBait Paca Chunk
NetBait Paca Chunk
42 Colors available
The NetBait Paca Chunk is a meaty little soft bait that will give your jig an impressive presentation. Its patented Paca claws will create incredible fish-attracting action while it is hopping on the bottom or swimming through the water. The claws generate a spiraling effect, allowing the bait to fall slowly. Pair the Paca Chunk with your favorite jig head or utilize it on a Texas rig for a successful fishing day. This little soft bait is infused with a unique blend of scents and salt to trigger...
NewNetBait Baby Paca Craw
NetBait Baby Paca Craw
34 Colors available
With all the same fish-attracting features, the NetBait Baby Paca Craw is considered the versatile little brother to the original Paca Craw. The smaller profile is perfect for a jig trailer or on a Texas rig. Its patented claws generate a helicopter effect that allows the bait to slowly sink, presenting bass with what they think is a tasty treat. The hollow body design allows you to insert a rattle or use it for additional scent. Constructed of durable, hand-poured plastics infused with salt, th...
NewNetBait Paca Chunk Sr.
NetBait Paca Chunk Sr.
29 Colors available
Constructed of durable hand-poured plastic, the NetBait Paca Chunk Sr. will entice multiple strikes. Its thick body will stay put on your hook or jig while the patented Paca claws generate fish-attracting action. The Paca Chunk Sr. features a larger profile than the original Paca Chunk that bass cannot refuse. This little soft bait is infused with a special blend of scents and salt to trigger strikes from fish and make them hold on longer. The Chunk Sr. works great on a simple round jig head; bu...
NewNetBait Kickin' B
NetBait Kickin' B
7 Colors available
Grab your net and get ready because the NetBait Kickin' B is sure to help you reel in trophy bass this year. The Kickin' B's thick, ribbed body and frog-like appendages create phenomenal action and water disturbance to grab the attention of nearby bass quickly. This durable soft bait is hand-poured and features a perfect balance of salt and scent to trigger strikes and make fish hold on longer. Originally designed to be a punch bait and fished on top of grass mats, it perfectly imitates a frog. ...
NewNetBait Contour Worm
NetBait Contour Worm
6 Colors available
Featuring a never before seen profile, the NetBait Contour Worm is highly effective when used in finesse applications. Its ribbed body is thicker near the head and becomes thinner to create an alluring silhouette that produces a natural movement with swirling light to mesmerize bass. The Contour Worm essentially "lights up" as you twitch and move your rod. Combining an incredibly durable, hand-poured formula with salt makes a tantalizing treat for any bass. The Contour Worm excels when you pair ...
NewNetBait Mini Kickin' B
NetBait Mini Kickin' B
9 Colors available
The NetBait Mini Kickin' B has all the same great features as the original Kickin' B but in a more compact package. The thick, ribbed body with frog-like appendages create water disturbance and action as you fish it on top or around grass beds. Due to its smaller profile, you can successfully fish it as a punch bait or as flipping bait. The Mini Kickin' B truly shines when it is paired with a football head or finesse jig. Infused with a unique blend of scents and salt, this soft bait makes bass ...
NewNetBait Paca Slim
NetBait Paca Slim
18 Colors available
The newest addition to NetBait's infamous Paca series, the NetBait Paca Slim gives you a rapid swimming motion with a more slender presentation. It features the must-have claws along with two sets of legs to create a natural movement in the water. Its solid body is textured to provide a more realistic profile and feel to the craw. This little soft bait is infused with a unique blend of scents and salt to trigger strikes from fish and make them hold on longer. This highly versatile bait can be fi...
NewNetBait Paca Craw
NetBait Paca Craw
23 Colors available
Known as one of the most versatile soft plastic baits on the market, the NetBait Paca Craw gives you a lethal profile that bass cannot resist. Featuring patented claws and hollow body design, it truly looks and feels like the real thing! The soft floating claws create a helicopter effect to sink slowly, giving bass a tantalizing offer to strike. Constructed of durable, hand-poured plastics infused with salt, this soft bait will entice and survive multiple bites. Whether you like to flip or pitch...