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Native Watercraft

Native Watercraft Springblade Rudder System

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The Native Watercraft Springblade Rudder System provides an easier and quicker turning handle for a tighter turning radius and improved performance in rough conditions. The Springblade rudder accessory in the short shaft ARUD600S model installs internally and is compatible with the Slayer Propel 10, Slayer Propel 13, Titan Propel 10.5, Titan Propel 12, and Titan Propel 13.5. The long shaft ARUD600L version fits the Slayer Propel Max 10 and Slayer Propel Max 12.5 fishing kayaks and requires an external installation. Both designs allow you to steer with the rudder in either the deployed or stowed position, which is advantageous for steering in the shallows to sneak up on unsuspecting fish. This benefit alone for kayak anglers might be the best reason to put a Native Watercraft Springblade Rudder System on your craft!

  • Steer the boat in the stowed or deployed position, which helps to steer in shallow water
  • Easier turn handle
  • Quick turning and great tracking
  • Tightened turning radius and better turning performance in rough conditions
  • Stow and deploy from your seat with an improved tension lock for steering cables
  • Easy to assemble
  • ARUD600S: 3 in. (short shaft) – fits Slayer Propel 10/13 and Titan Propel 10.5/12/13.5
  • ARUD600L: 5 in. (long shaft) – fits Slayer Propel Max 10/12.5