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NewNOCQUA Wall Outlet Battery Charger
NOCQUA Wall Outlet Battery Charger
Before you go out on the water, make sure all your NOCQUA batteries are charged with the NOCQUA Wall Outlet Battery Charger. This battery charger provides an output of 12.6V with a current of 2.0A. It works with all Pro Power Kits and lighting systems made after December 2017. An indicator light lets you know when your battery is fully charged.
NewNOCQUA 12v Rechargeable Spare Battery
NOCQUA 12v Rechargeable Spare Battery
Don't get stranded without power on your next kayaking adventure, pick up the NOCQUA 12v Rechargeable Spare Battery! This spare battery is encased with a water-resistant silicone skin which is then enclosed in a durable nylon sleeve. It features a thumb screw with a water seal to protect the electrical connection. This battery works with all NOCQUA gear.
$59.99 - $99.99
NewNOCQUA Pro Power Battery Cap Pack
NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Cap Pack
Protect your Pro Power battery terminals when they are not in use with the NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Cap Pack. Each pack includes one male cap and tether and one female cap and tether.
NewNOCQUA Plug n Play Cable
NOCQUA Plug n Play Cable
To customize your rig on your kayak, pick up an extra NOCQUA Plug n Play Cable. The extra length of the cable allow you to spread out your devices across your kayak. This cable features the universal NOCQUA water-tight connection ports.
$5.99 - $11.99
NewNOCQUA Dual Port USB Pro Power Battery Adapter
NOCQUA Dual Port USB Pro Power Batt...
When you need a power source for your personal electronics, use the NOCQUA Dual Port USB Pro Power Battery Adapter! This adapter converts the NOCQUA battery into a power source for your smartphones, action cameras, or other USB-charged devices. The ports offer two charging options: 5V, 1A and 5V, 2.1A. This adapter features a battery-saving auto-shutoff and a glowing LED battery gauge so you know how much power you have left.
NewNOCQUA Pro Power Battery Corrosion Preventative Kit
NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Corrosion ...
Rough and wet conditions are unforgiving to electronics on your boat or kayak. Protect your NOCQUA Pro Power Kit's battery terminal with the NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Corrosion Preventative Kit! This kit includes a sacrificial adapter to protect the battery terminal by preventing direct contact with moisture. To preserve its electrical connection, the NanoProTech solution provides an insulating coat of moisture displacing nanoparticles. Have peace of mind that your battery and electronics are pro...
NewNOCQUA Pro Power Battery Kit
NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Kit
A truly portable battery for your kayak is here! The NOCQUA Pro Power Battery Kit uses the same battery technology for lighting systems to easily power your electronic devices such as a fish finder or GPS. This lightweight and durable battery pack was developed to keep you powered for long days on the water. The battery is silicone sealed with a water-tight connection port for water resistance and durability. Designed to get you on the water with less hassle, the kit includes a 12V battery and a...
$89.99 - $129.99
NewNOCQUA Pro Power Component Pack
NOCQUA Pro Power Component Pack
We know you love kayak fishing. Let's amp up your rig with the NOCQUA Pro Power Component Pack. The Pro Power Component Pack comes with all of the pieces you'll need to wire an additional electronic device for use with a 12V Li-Ion and the NOCQUA Pro Power Kit. Whether you need something to power your aerator in your bait tank or setting up a fish finder, this Component Pack will help you do it! For a quick and easy installation, pick up the NOCQUA Pro Power Component Pack today!
NewNOCQUA Pro Power InLine Switch
NOCQUA Pro Power InLine Switch
Add the on and off function to your NOCQUA Pro Power Kit with the NOCQUA Pro Power InLine Switch. With this switch, you are able to turn on and off your lights or electronics on your fishing kayak. This little button was designed to streamline your setup and preserve power without unplugging the battery. The color indicating LED light allows you to gauge the remaining battery life. Water tight connection ports ensure complete functionality.
NewNOCQUA Pro Power Y Connectors
NOCQUA Pro Power Y Connectors
Power two devices with one battery with the NOCQUA Pro Power Y Connector. For a totally customizable installation, you can link the Y Connector with a Pro Power Kit to give you more gear options. This connector features water-tight connection ports to keep you powered through long day and nights.
$10.99 - $13.99