Myran Fly Box

$9.99 - $14.99
Item No.: F10351

Product Details

Product Details

Every fly angler needs a good fly box. The Myran Fly Boxes are made from clear, non-brittle, sturdy MBS plastic. They snap closed easily and securely, yet opens with ease. They make a great dry fly or nymph box, but can also be used to storage of beads, hooks, and other small tackle or fly tying material.

ModelQty. of CompartmentsLength (in.)Width (in.)Height (in.)
106064 1/43 1/43/4
108084 1/43 1/43/4
1120124 1/43 1/43/4
1200126 1/43 1/21 1/8
160063 1/22 1/23/4
1800186 3/43 3/41 1/8
200054 1/43 1/43/4
300366 1/43 1/21 1/8
6000106 3/43 3/41 1/8
700056 1/23 3/41 1/8

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Always a great buy

by -

These boxes are the best as far as I'm concerned. I use each box to hold flies for a particular hatch such as Sulphurs, BWOs, Grannoms, etc. The boxes take up very little room in my vest.

This is my second purchase of these boxe

by -

I have 10 of these boxes and use them for my small dry Flies and Nymphs[@]

Best Darn Fly boxes

by -

these boxes last a lifetime, and it is easy to see the contents, I have many expensive fly boxes but always return to Myran for practicality to not make a fly fishing statement -

Love the Myran fly boxes

by -

I have used several different kinds of fly boxes and like the Myran the best. They are all I buy now.

Multipurpose great little fly box

by -

This 8 compartment Myran fly box is excellent for carrying small flies, beads, hooks or various sized split shot. It is thin so it easily fits in your vest, chest pack or even a shirt pocket. It is ideal when you are fishing light.