Mustad Addicted Balsa Fixed Float System

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Product Details

Product Details

Try the Mustad Addicted Balsa Fixed Float System for detecting bites other floats miss! Created by Addicted Fishing after multiple years of testing and development, this fixed float professes to be a perfectly tuned system for beads, jigs, bait, worms, and more. Handmade from sensitive and durable balsa wood, a correctly weighted Mustad Addicted Fixed Float tracks ideally in the current with very little pull-down resistance. If the fish can't feel resistance when they take your bait, they will hold onto the bait longer, actually sink the float, and increase your chances of setting the hook and catching that fish.

The Mustad Addicted Fixed Float System features an internal weighting system and keeper tube through the side of the balsa float. (threading the line through the float – you won't lose the float if your surgical tubing breaks.) Mustad states that the included weights are the key to matching lures (see reference in the bullets) and water conditions. For increased float sensitivity, add weights to the float. Fished without weights, a 1/4 oz jig or plastic worm fishes perfectly. Play with different weight and lure combinations to find your preferred methods of fishing and learn why the Mustad Addicted Balsa Fixed Float System may be the last you'll ever need!

  • Perfect for beads, jigs, bait, worms, and more
  • Match float weighting to lures (Mustad suggestions):
      • 2 weights – for beads or bait (use split shot down the line)
      • 2 weights – for 1/32 and 1/16th oz. jigs
      • 1 weight – for 1/8 oz. jig or plastic worm
      • 0 weight – for 1/4 oz. jig or plastic worm
    • Handmade and internal balance weight
    • Sensitive, durable balsa
    • Hardshell, durable paint
    • Line-through keeper tube
    • Float System Pack includes:
        • 1 Addicted balsa float with two external brass weights
        • 2 O-rings to hold weights
        • 4 black surgical tube pieces
      • Float Accessory Kit includes:
        • 12 top/bottom surgical pieces
        • 6 brass weights
        • 6 O-rings


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