Mustad 3551 Classic Treble Hooks

Item No.: F10098

Product Details

Product Details

Mustad 3551 Classic Treble Hooks are Mustad's standard freshwater treble hooks. These hooks are great for a wide variety of applications including replacements hooks on spoons, spinners, minnow baits, jerk baits and live and artificial bait rigs.

  • Treble design
  • Ringed eye
  • Bronze finish
  • Size: 20 thru 5/0 - Qty. per pack: 25
  • Size: 14/0 - Qty. per pack: 1

Ratings & Reviews

23 Reviews

Small Size but Big Catch

by -

I've never caught bigger trout in my life than with this product. Its a must to buy for you trout lovers.

#18 treble hook

by -

Great for making miniature chandeliers for 1/90th scale dollhouses!

The Mustad #12 Treble, great Hook

by -

The #12 Mustad Treble is a good size for panfish. I use it hooked to very small lures (like spoons) to catch crappie especially. It has a dark bronze color which is important to not stand out. Mustad Trebles are very sharp hooks that snag fish mouths quickly.

Great Bottom Slipper


Strap two or three of these babies on with some 40lb mono line and pull hard!!!

good hooks

by -

i use these on my homemade trolling spoons, never had a problem, hold a sharp point well