Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnow

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Item No.: F13687
$5.99 to $7.99


The Moonshine Lures Shiver Minnows are high-quality, UV lures designed to catch a variety of species, including salmon, trout, walleye, pike, muskie, and striper. These fish-enticing vertical jigging lures provide a proven option when other techniques dry up. Very few fish can resist lures that hang level in the water column while swimming in circles when jigged! Shiver Minnows are taking the tournament world by storm with their attractive actions! These lures feature sharp belly hooks and single tail hooks for extra power. Ideal for fishing in any season, Moonshine Shiver Minnows are sure to be your new go-to lure!

  • Tournament proven vertical jigging lure
  • UV reflective colors
  • Hangs level and swims in circles
  • Great choice in any season
  • Use for suspended fish or on bottom
  • Can be fished effectively with any line
  • Super-sharp belly hook plus single tail hook
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Moonshine Shiver Minnows are made in the U.S.A.

Please note: Images show the lure under regular light and under UV light. Glow colors glow in the dark. UV lures "glow" under UV light, but may not glow in the dark.


7/13/2016 12:00:00 am

Probably the best and hottest lure going right now

by Manyhooks -

These are by far the hottest walleye lures of the day ! I have caught fish any where I have used this lure

10/5/2016 12:00:00 am

Great bait poor components

by Bwill63 -

Love this bait BUT, the rear hooks come in two different styles. A cheap soft gold hook that bends easy and gets dull very fast. The other hook is bronze stays sharp better but prone to breaking off. The bottom hook is too small but replaceable, the clip that holds it is prone to breaking off too. Lastly the tail fin should be glued on with better adhesive, they fall off a lot. But they sure catch fish

10/23/2018 12:00:00 am

Need improvement

by Tyler

I have caught many walleye on these lures. I like the color options, but the hooks are cheep and rust fast. I have also had issues with the rear fin falling off. For the price you can find jigging lures that produce just as many fish that are more durable.

4/23/2019 12:00:00 am

Moonshine Shiver Minnow - Two Thumbs Up!

by esox_xtm -

Got these to use snap jigging walleyes. Turned out to be amazingly effective with the technique catching not only walleyes but perch and a bluegill. Also discovered they caught open water, mid-summer suspended crappies. Didn't even need to tip the lure with anything. I'll be hanging one under a float this summer for those crappies while I actively work a second rod. Gonna be killer! Tend to fish a little heavier for their size compared to similar sized competitors. Amazing selection of effective colors and so far the components and finish have proven durable. I've restocked a couple of times @ FishUSA (best value) to replace colors due to snag attrition and expand selection. My inventory includes all five sizes, all catching fish, though I only just recently purchased the #3 for jigging pike through the ice. We'll see how that goes next season (2019 - 2020).

10/24/2019 12:37 pm

Catches everything/cheap hook

by SS

This is a great lure that catches everything but the treble hook is cheap. It will separate at the shank after after a few fish and you need to add a split ring and replace the treble. Took another star off for the price.

6/17/2020 9:22 am

Poor Quality Control

by Joe Bello

Great walleye bait but poorly made, rear tails fall off. Poor QC

8/10/2020 7:54 pm

moonshine shiver minnow

by Brad

super bait with 1 flaw. very weak treble hook.