Mike's King Deluxe Salmon Eggs

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Product Details

Product Details

Mike's King Deluxe Salmon Eggs are extra large and preferred by trout anglers worldwide! These eggs are soft enough for trout to consistently strike, but firm enough to stay on your hook. Its unique processing creates a firm skin to reduce egg loss in turbulent waters.

  • Extra large eggs
  • Qty. per pack: 1.1 oz. jar

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Salmon eggs


Came quickly and I good shape. Ordered last fishing season also and bait was firm and fresh.

Top Quality at a great price!!!!

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I really like Mike's Salmon Eggs for trout fishing in streams, especially riffly streams with fast running water. Dump the oil out of the jar, pour the eggs on a paper plate, and then thoroughly salt the eggs with common table salt. Then put them back in the jar and remember to refridgerate the jar if you have any eggs left after your fishing trip. The salt firms the eggs up so that they hold up better on the hook (only problem with the eggs, from what I can see). Put the egg on a short shank hook, and drift it with as little weight as possible in riffles, runs and fast flowing areas of a stream. Great for rainbows!! Just want to add a word and a thumbs up on the great quality [...]

Strong attractant

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Trout will devour these eggs. Sometimes, the fish will aggressively nip the eggs off of the hook, without biting the hook, which necessitates frequent egg replacement. I found the plastic egg to be equally beffective, but without the need for frequent replacement.

atlas mikes salmon eggs

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the eggs were shipped out on time recieved in good condition and were fresh

bad salmon eggs

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These eggs were old. They looked bad in the jar and when I tried to use them they feel apart.