Mepps Flying C Spinner

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Mepps Flying C Spinners are heavyweight lures perfect for salmon and steelhead anglers but are a great addition to any angler's arsenal. These spinners cast like a bullet, get into the strike zone quickly, and run deep throughout the retrieve. Bright fluorescent sleeves provide attraction, while the variety of blade colors provide enticing flash, attracting a large number of species. Built for battle, Flying C Spinners are constructed with heavy-duty, solid brass blades and bodies plus Perma steel treble hooks.

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Mepps Flying C Spinners are assembled in the U.S.A.

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11/3/2014 12:00:00 am

Flying C - Highly recommend this Coho magnet

by MoonValley

We fished a coastal river in Washington state for three days, and after trying a selection of different lures, dialed in on the Flying C in Silver/Orange in the 7/8 oz size. The fresh coho in from the saltwater chased these down aggressively, often taking them right at the bank, or within a few feet of the boat. We took several with less than six feet of line out. These lures dive deep, so count on hanging them up and losing a few, but if you want to bring home the chrome, this is the lure to use. We tried a wide variety of color schemes but found that the coho preferred orange or pink, and really weren't interested in the painted blades. Using the painted blades tended to land more cutthroat than salmon. Stick to the silver blade for best results. Get the lure deep, and retrieve just quickly enough to get the blade turning. I wish we'd taken along a few spare wire shafts to get bent spinners back in use. The aggressive fish hit these really hard, and they sometimes bend the shaft, ruining the action. Still, we caught our limits and spent time catching and releasing lots of extra fish.