Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament Line

$13.99 - $134.99$11.89 - $114.74
Item No.: F21052
$13.99 - $134.99$11.89 - $114.74

Product Details

Product Details

 Maxima Ultragreen Monofilament Line is known worldwide for its consistent diameter, exceptional test and knot strength, and how moss green color that is practically invisible to fish. Because the line formulation absorbs light rather than reflects it, Maxima Ultra Green matches the water color for a stealthy presentation and more hookups from large fish in lakes to small stream trout. For a premium monofilament fishing line with superior knot strength, abrasion resistance, and durability for all species and water conditions, reward yourself with the legendary Ultragreen Maxima Line.

  • Low visibility ultra green Maxima fishing line
  • One Shot Spools and Service Spools in various test strengths, including the popular Maxima Ultragreen 12lb and Maxima Ultragreen 15lb
  • Legendary tough outer finish for durability and abrasion resistance
  • Works well on spinning, baitcast, and conventional reels
  • Widely used mono for fly fishing leader material and tippet
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

TestDiameterSpool Length
2 lb.0.005 in.280 yds.
3 lb.0.006 in.280 yds.
4 lb.0.007 in.280 yds.
5 lb.0.008 in.280 yds.
6 lb.0.009 in.250 yds.
8 lb.0.010 in.220 yds.
10 lb.0.012 in.220 yds.
12 lb.0.013 in.220 yds.
15 lb.0.015 in.220 yds.
18 lb.0.016 in.220 yds.
20 lb.0.017 in.250 yds.

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