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Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver Snubber

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$4.49 to $4.99
SKU: F10055
$4.49 to $4.99


The Luhr Jensen Dipsy Diver Snubber allows a fish to achieve a solid hold of a bait or lure before coming tight and effectively setting the hook. In high-speed, high-tension dipsy diver trolling applications, hooks can be pulled from striking fish's mouths before a solid hookup can be achieved. These snubbers are especially helpful in combination with braided superlines and wire that do not have the inherent stretch offered by nylon monofilament lines.


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Much needed accessories especially if you use dipsy's or walkers divers.

Good Price

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Bought as recommended by FishErie forum members. Have not tried yet.

Always quality stuff from Luhr Jensen

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Great items. Love that they use a safety cord in the middle so if the rubber band breaks you don't lose your whole rig.

Could be better


Should be made with a solid material and made slimmer.

A must have with DipsyDiver

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This is a must have with a DipsyDiver, saves time and makes fishing more enjoyable than using line and losing lures.

Good Snubber

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It does it's job well, but is a little thick. A thinner model that does the same job would be great.


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This snubber is a good performer and well made but my problem with it is its bulky, which has to much water resistance and lessens the divers depth. Other snubbers are available that have a slimmer profile. I will continue to experiment....and spend!

Dipsey diver rubber snubber

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A must have when running wire for Kings on lake Ontario.

Must Have

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I use the snubber to between the Dipsey/weight and the leader of the lure. Allows for hard strikes when using weights/divers.

Its a good product by my account

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