Loon Outdoors UV Knot Sense

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Product Details

Product Details

To smooth and strengthen your newly tied knots, use Loon Outdoors UV Knot Sense. While you are indoors or in the shade, apply this resin to your knots. Expose to sunlight or use one of Loon's UV lights to cure the resin. Hardening should take approximately 15 seconds. Loon Outdoors UV Knot Sense also works great for repairing damaged flies or completing household projects.

  • Ideal for coating knots for strength
  • Smooths knots to easily slide through guides
  • Cures soft and pliable
  • Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
  • Quickly repairs damaged flies
  • Will not cure with sunlight filtered through glass
  • Package Size: 1/2 oz.

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It Won't Glue Your Fingers to Your Knot


I am not the best knot person. I use this for bass fishing. my spinning reels are spool with light braid, and I use a flourcarbon leader. my go-to knot is the Alberto knot. in my dim garage, I will tie the knot and instead of lubing the knot with saliva, I dab on some of this LOON juice. when you cinch the knot down, your mouth will go, "aaaahhhhh". wipe off excess adhesive and what you are left with is a tiny, taut knot. clip off the tag ends and admire your knot. i cannot imagine it unraveling, while banging thru my rod guides. I walk it into the sunlight and let it cure. not sure I can do this procedure on my kayak since it would cure too quickly without shade. I love the stuff. my knots are fairly solid, but it's good to have some insurance.