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Loon Outdoors UV Fly Tying Kit

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Move on from traditional cement into what the professionals like to use: UV cures. The Loon Outdoors UV Fly Tying Kit includes three UV fly finishes: thick, thin, and flow. With these finishes, you can easily tailor your flies to fit your fishing style or water conditions. All of these finishes will cure within seconds with sunlight or a UV light. Also included in this awesome kit is the UV Bench Light so you can cure your flies at home or on the water. The UV Clear Fly Finishes are environmentally friendly and won't yellow or fade the color of your flies.

The Flow finish is the thinnest available from Loon, cures clear and hard, and can be used as a head cement replacement as well as to coat heads, bodies, and midges. The Thick finish is excellent for forming your flies into the ideal shape. The Thin finish is perfect for delicate presentations and making smaller heads, bodies, or wing cases.

  • Flow
    • Ultra-thin UV-curing resin
    • Allows for infinite work time
    • Can be used a head cement replacement
    • Cures hard and clear
    • Adds fluorescence
  • Thick
    • Build fly heads and bodies
  • Thin
    • Build fly heads and bodies
  • New UV blocking application needles
  • New taper-tip needle prevents clogs
  • Instantly cures with sunlight or UV light
  • Brush applicator included
  • Includes: One 1/2 oz. bottle of thick finish, one 1/2 oz. bottle of thin finish, one 1/2 oz. bottle of flow finish, three brush applicators, and six taper-tip needle applicators