Lamiglas XCC Kwik Series Salmon & Steelhead Rod

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$324.99 to $423.99
SKU: F18316
$324.99 to $423.99



When you hit the water, you need equipment that performs, that's why you need the Lamiglas XCC Kwik Series Salmon & Steelhead Rod! This series of rods has become a fan favorite of anglers! They feature a graphite and fiberglass blend build that brings actions that are unmatched in other rods of its class. The glass in the tip of this rod creates a highly sensitive tip that lets you know the second a fish is showing interest! The powerful graphite lower section of the rod allows for fast and deep hook penetration, making sure that whatever is biting, stays! The black matte finish gives this rod a sleek and modern look that will have you the envy of the water! The Lamiglas XCC Kwik Series Salmon & Steelhead Rod is a tough fan favorite that will quickly give you an entirely new standard for your trolling rods!

  • CFX carbon fiber grips
  • Increased sensitivity incredible durability
  • Sensitive tip
  • Responsive
  • Best boat rods that money can buy

Lamiglas XCC Kwik Series Salmon & Steelhead rods are made in the U.S.A


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9/1/2020 8:06 pm

Carbon on Handle is too week for downrigger. Bad customer service.

by Chris

I owned one for one month, used it four times before the grip cracked from hand pressure as I removed it from the downrigger. Two hours of picking carbon splinters from my finger. Their appeared to be a void in the grips sub straight leaving the single layer of plain weave carbon/resin unsupported. Returned to store who told me that I was not the first to have this problem and that Lamiglas response is "operator error" The store were golden, replaced it at their cost with a Gloomas stating that Lamiglas have been rejecting claims and it appeared to be a design fault consequently would not replace it with a Lamiglas only to have the same problem. Looked for half a star but I guess that not an option.