Lamiglas Redline Composite Series Salmon Trolling Rods

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The Lamiglas Redline Composite Series Salmon Trolling Rods are the perfect rod to get you more salmon! These rods are versatile; they can be used with flashers, plugs, plunking, or downriggers. They are designed with a tough fiberglass blank that lets you still read what is happening to your lure, yet the fish won't feel any tension, helping to get those finicky Salmon to hold on. The butt section of the rod is made of graphite, making it extra durable so you can pull in some big fish! The handle is smooth and comfortable graphite so that it will feel fantastic in your hands. Lamiglas added a rubber pad on the butt that helps this rod perform in a rod holder as well. Reach that limit with the Lamiglas Redline Composite Series Salmon Trolling Rods!

  • Versatile, whether you are trolling flashers, plug fishing, plunking or working a downrigger
  • These fiberglass/graphite composite rods are brought to you in actions that have been proven for decades
  • The smooth graphite handle and slim rubber butt cap
  • Top quality double locking Fuji reel seat and stainless steel double foot guides round out a component set up


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8/22/2020 6:30 pm

Redline Composite, a nice change for Lamiglass.

by Dave

I run saltwater king salmon charters in alaska and purchased one of these (934) to check it out. Its an excellent downrigger rod overall, a little soft for hook sets on big fish, and and a little vague on small fish bites. It does however load up incredibly well on the rigger and after 50 or so fish it has proven to be much, much more durable than the average lami. The rod has been used for mooching (fair) and has gone vertical under the boat rubbing on the hard chine on an aluminum hull, it appears to in the class of an uglystick in durability, a nice change for durability for lami. The length is PERFECT. Overall a really really nice rod, well done.

9/5/2020 3:59 pm

Look into matching the reel to the rod-seat

by Darryl

I have used it twice with a Penn Squall SQL 30LW reel. The reel doesn't seat very well in the rod - I didn't have the drag set well, and the reel popped out when I had a salmon on the line - in my kayak in Puget Sound. I now have a screw-type hose clamp on the reel and hope to test it this week. Other than that, I am happy with the action of the rod.