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NewKeitech Crazy Flapper
Keitech Crazy Flapper
17 Colors available
Keitech's Crazy Flapper bait is made of durable PVC material with a strong squid scent that helps attract many fish. This brilliantly designed bait can be Texas rigged, used as a drop shot, or as a great jig trailer. Made of dual injected PVC plastics for unique color variety, the crazy flapper has a hydrodynamic design that helps it slither through the water with ease. The claws and tentacles of this bait seductively flutter in the water, following the slightest movements. This allows the angle...
NewKeitech Noisy Flapper Frog
Keitech Noisy Flapper Frog
9 Colors available
The Noisy Flapper Frog brings anglers enormous kicking momentum even at slow retrieve speeds. The patented leg design and the sharply ribbed edges furiously churns out a great amount of water and buzzing action. The top of the bait is constructed from high buoyancy unsalted plastic and the bottom is made of heavily salted plastic, impregnated with a strong squid scent, making it extra attractive to any fish you seek. The hook slot on the flapper frog is the perfect rigging alignment for keeping ...
NewKeitech Shaky Football Jig Heads
Keitech Shaky Football Jig Heads
Keitech Shaky Football Jig Heads begin with a football-shaped head that allows your bait to stand up on the bottom. The high-quality tungsten construction increases your sensitivity, enabling you to better feel your fishing environment. This unique design features a clear plastic screw-lock bait keeper, making these jig heads weedless without a weedguard. Perfect your finesse presentation with these phenomenal jig heads!
NewKeitech Shad Impact
Keitech Shad Impact
7 Colors available
The Keitech Shad Impact is the ultimate baitfish imitator on the market. Keitech utilizes different weighted plastics to create a softbait that maintains a horizontal swimming position while producing a natural rolling action that mimics a wounded baitfish. The top section is a no salt, lightweight plastic and the bottom is a heavier, salted plastic. The Shad Impact is a versatile softbait and can be fished on many different rigs.
NewKeitech M2 Football Jig
Keitech M2 Football Jig
8 Colors available
The Keitech M2 Football Jig was designed for deep water jig fishing. The tungsten football jig head is harder and more sensitive than lead jig heads. The 10 strand weedguard provides excellent snag resistance without sacrificing hook sets. This football jig features 100 strands of ultra fine cut silicone that creates incredible life-like action.
NewKeitech Guard Spin Jig
Keitech Guard Spin Jig
2 Colors available
The Keitech Guard Spin Jig is one of the most effective jigs to use in tough fishing situations such as cold fronts or heavy fishing pressure. The Guard Spin Jig begins with a tungsten compound, teardrop head and five fiber weed guard enables you to fish a variety of cover with incredible efficiency. This snag-resistant and weedless jig is outfitted with silicone ultra fine cut strands to create enticing movements for trophy fish.
NewKeitech M3 Swim Jig
Keitech M3 Swim Jig
5 Colors available
The Keitech M3 Swim Jig has revolutionized jig designs to create a strong and effective jig. This swim jig combines a super strong, weighted jig head with a snap-on silicone skirt for superb balance and weedless application. It features a screw-lock skirt keeper to securely hold the trailer. Utilize the M3 Swim Jig with the Keitech Fat Swing Impact soft baits for one of the deadliest lures available. It is a highly versatile jig that can be fished with your favorite technique.
NewKeitech M1 Casting Jig
Keitech M1 Casting Jig
8 Colors available
The Keitech M1 Casting Jig features a perfectly balanced, tungsten tear drop head that penetrates cover and won't roll over. The 22 strand weed guard allows for trouble free, weedless, snag-free casting and flipping. This casting jig is outfitted with 150 strands of super soft, fine cut silicone creates phenomenal life-like action in the water.
NewKeitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Heads
Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig...
If you're looking for an alternative to lead jig heads, Keitech Tungsten Super Football Jig Heads are the ultimate choice for you. These jig heads are constructed with high density tungsten that provides increased sensitivity. The football shaped jig heads combined with a 10 strand weed guard allows you to work through heavy cover without snags.
$6.99 - $7.49
NewKeitech Salty Core Tubes
Keitech Salty Core Tubes
6 Colors available
Keitech Salty Core Tubes feature a unique construction of two layers making it extremely durable, soft, and heavy. The inside core layer is made up of a super high salt soft plastic that makes it soft and heavy. The outer skin layer utilizes a low salt hard plastic to provide durability. Salty Core Tubes weigh approximately 1/2 ounce each, allowing you to easily cast and flip with little to no additional weight. They all have soft tentacles that create amazing lifelike action in the water. Fish ...
Keitech Easy Shaker
Keitech Easy Shaker
12 Colors available
The Keitech Easy Shaker has a unique ringed body that makes it appear much larger and more natural, while allowing supreme flexibility. Its innovative design features a thick head to accept an offset worm hook while rigging slits hide the hook point, keeping it a weedless soft bait. Keitech utilizes a high flotation plastic compound so the Easy Shaker maintains a horizontal position when rigged on a drop shot or offset worm hook. The Easy Shaker is most effective on a drop shot rig with slight, ...
$4.99 - $5.49
Keitech Easy Shiner
Keitech Easy Shiner
25 Colors available
The Keitech Easy Shiner is an innovative swimbait that combines a shad body with a tournament-tested swim tail. This swimbait features a streamlined design with a thin, sharp tail that creates unbelievable kicking action, even at slower speeds. Keitech utilizes different types of salted plastics to achieve impeccable balance and action in custom two-tone colors. The Easy Shiner is a favorite among anglers because of its versatility in any fishing condition.
Keitech Fat Swing Impact
Keitech Fat Swing Impact
27 Colors available
The Keitech Fat Swing Impact takes swimbaits to the next level with its unique swim motion at any retrieve speed. These baits are balanced by Keitech's two-tone color injection process and feature tapered and ribbed bodies, which helps give the paddle tail its swimming action. With a natural swimming motion and durable construction, the Fat Swing Impact is a valuable addition to anyone's bait arsenal. These baits are packaged snugly in blisters in order to protect their integrity and help keep t...
$5.99 - $6.79
Keitech Swing Impact
Keitech Swing Impact
30 Colors available
Keitech Swing Impact baits are two-tone, scented, fishing delights. Keitech's dual-injected baits, with two different salted plastics, plus a custom squid scent provide a classic swimbait guaranteed to deliver results. The Swing Impact features a ribbed core and specially designed tail that work together to provide a unique swim action sure to get noticed by any fish.
$4.99 - $5.29
Keitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Heads
Keitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Heads
Keitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Heads are some of the best lead-free jig heads on the market today. These tungsten jig heads have a compact size-to-weight ratio, sharp hooks, and dense material, which together make for a potent jig terrific for any occasion. Each jig head features a custom-made hook designed with a special bend to dramatically increase hook strength. Keitech Super Round Heads are available in a variety of sizes and weights for whatever your fishing rig or technique demands.