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Shop Our Growing Selection of Kayak Fishing Gear
NewBonafide Kayak Boat Skin
Bonafide Kayak Boat Skin
You've got your kayak and now it's time to make it awesome! Personalize your Bonafide SS127 fishing kayak with the Bonafide Kayak Boat Skin. The wrap features a specially formulated material that withstands common wear and tear. Each wrap comes with a one-year warranty that covers fading, peeling, and cracking. With the Bonafide Kayak Boat Skin, you're sure to stand out while you're on the water!
NewYakima Hood Anchors
Yakima Hood Anchors
Transport your watercraft to and from the waters with easy yet effective and reliable security! Yakima Hood Anchors provide bow and stern tie-down attachment locations for kayaks on a vehicle that may not have tow hooks or other attachment points. Yakima Hood Anchors can be quickly installed and ready to go by merely setting the anchor under your hood or trunk and then closing the lid. These highly efficient anchors feature specially coated straps to shield painted surfaces from rubbing and othe...
NewPower-Pole Ultra Lite Spike Shallow Water Anchor
Power-Pole Ultra Lite Spike Shallow...
No matter what method you prefer when fishing, the Power-Pole Ultra Lite Spike Shallow Water Anchor produces a tight and reliable hold for kayaks, paddleboards, bay boats, and pontoon boats. This anchoring spike will not pull down your smaller crafts and can anchor most watercraft up to 1500 pounds. Holdfast with ease using the Power-Pole Ultra Lite Spike Shallow Water Anchor to maximize your small craft fishing with lightweight efficiency.
NewNuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak
NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak
4 Colors available
By combining stability, high-performance paddling, and an open deck, the NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak provides the ultimate kayak fishing experience without compromise. At 35 inches wide, the Pursuit is one of the most stable fishing kayaks available. NuCanoe's revolutionary CustomHeight 360 pinnacle seat provides incredible lumbar support without impeding your natural range of motion for paddling and fishing. Some integrated features include four internal rod tubes, two cup holders, two flush ...
NewBending Branches Angler Navigator Kayak Paddle
Bending Branches Angler Navigator K...
Featuring a perfect combination of old-school wood with state-of-the-art paddle technology, the Bending Branches Angler Navigator Kayak Paddle is lightweight and durable. The shaft is constructed of aviation-grade T-700 carbon with a snug three hole snap-button ferrule. Its blades are handcrafted with beautiful hardwood: red alder and roasted basswood. For additional durability, the blades are wrapped in fiberglass with Rockgard edge protection. The Bending Branches Angler Navigator Kayak Paddle...
NewTourneytag Hawg Trough Float
Tourneytag Hawg Trough Float
A Hawg Trough at the bottom of the lake won't help you win that tournament. This Tourneytag Hawg Trough Float utilizes floating foam that attaches to the back of your Hawg Trough with a strong adhesive and keep your favorite measuring device floating in the water! Make sure you don't lose your Hawg Trough during your next fishing outing with the Tourneytag Hawg Trough Float.
NewFishUSA Single Standard Floating Tourneytag
FishUSA Single Standard Floating To...
Attention tournament anglers! Do you want to win the big bucks in your next tournament? Make sure you pick up your own FishUSA Single Standard Floating Tourneytag today! This floating Tourneytag keeps your identifier accessible and secure, so you can capture your pictures with ease. You can attach the tourneytag to your measuring trough or wear it on your wrist. Keep your identifier handy and dry for your next tournament with the FishUSA Single Standard Floating Tourneytag!
NewNuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak
NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak
4 Colors available
The NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak is a high-quality boat at an incredible price! The Flint is smaller, lighter, and has more features than more expensive models. With a length just over 11 feet, this fishing kayak handles exceptionally well and tracks straight like an arrow. Designed with a strong, open deck layout, you can fully customize your kayak with accessories and gear. Non-slip deck padding combined with its unique scupper hole channel design enables you to fish comfortably and safely whil...
NewNuCanoe Junior Seat
NuCanoe Junior Seat
Make room for your little fishing buddy with the NuCanoe Junior Seat! This low-profile seat mounts to the Freedom Track and is easy to adjust. This seat is compatible with your Frontier or Pursuit kayaks.
NewNuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit
NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit
Upgrade your seat on your kayak with the NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit. This awesome kit provides you with 360 degrees of mobility and adds two to three inches of height to your seat. The package also includes a quick release switch so you can slide the seat off the base during transportation. All you need is a 7/16 in. wrench to easily install the NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit.
NewNuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer / Slide Mount
NuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer ...
Upgrade your rig to make it tournament-worthy with the NuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer / Slide Mount. The Elite Kit includes one Bullwinkle rod stager and one RotoGrip paddle holder. The Bullwinkle rod stager is an excellent tool if you have multiple rods ready to go. It also features a slot to hold your Hawg trough! The RotoGrip paddle holder grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers to secure it with just the right amount of tension. Both items will easily attach to the top of the Sli...
NewNuCanoe Foot Pegs
NuCanoe Foot Pegs
For additional support while paddling, install NuCanoe Foot Pegs on your Frontier or Pursuit kayak! These pegs install right into the Freedom Track built onto your kayak and are easily adjustable to fit your optimum paddling position.
NewNuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount
NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount
Keep all your gear and more within arm's reach on your kayak with the NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount! This slide mount is the perfect place for rod holders, GoPro mounts, and even transducer arm mounts. The mount's pre-drilled slots are compatible with a variety of mounts and base so you can easily secure your mounts. Show off your gear with the NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount.
NewNuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer
NuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer
To store your tackle and small gear within arm's reach, use the NuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer! This slide drawer fits in the bow crate space of your Pursuit kayak. It features 18 inches of Freedom Track on top of the drawer, allowing you to mount even more accessories! This special drawer fits one 3700 series or two 3600 series Plano Stowaway boxes.
NewNuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 Seats
NuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 S...
For a fast and easy removal of your 360 seat, use the NuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 Seats. This Quick-Release bracket is compatible with rigid or swivel 360 seats on your Frontier or Pursuit kayak. Removing your seat makes transportation much more convenient!
NewNuCanoe Track Straps
NuCanoe Track Straps
Secure your cooler, tackle crate, battery or other items to the deck floor of your kayak with NuCanoe Track Straps. The included mighty bolts and knobs fit into freedom tracks (sold separately) and can be positioned virtually anywhere. The last thing you want to do is lose some gear on the water, and the NuCanoe Track Straps will make sure that doesn't happen.
NewNuCanoe Transom Motor Plate
NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate
To protect the transom of your vessel, secure the motor, and plug the transom hole with the NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate. This lipped plate ensures the motor stays in place, with no slipping. This kit features an expanding plug to plug the transom hole for a secure fit. Keep the value of your kayak high and protect your trolling motor with the NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate.
NewYakima RipCord Locking Cargo Straps
Yakima RipCord Locking Cargo Straps
Secure your gear with the Yakima RipCord Locking Cargo Straps! Lock anything from surfboards to bikes to kayaks with these multi-purpose cargo straps. These straps are a must-have for anyone with a rack. Its rubber coated buckles protect your gear and your vehicle. These straps come with a set of SKS Lock Cores to protect your items from theft.
NewYakima Heavy-Duty Straps
Yakima Heavy-Duty Straps
You aren't ready to hit the road until your kayak is secured with Yakima Heavy-Duty Straps! These seriously strong box-stitched straps are 16 feet long. The buckles are rubber-coated to protect your kayaks and gear from scratches.
NewYakima RoundBar SL Adapters
Yakima RoundBar SL Adapters
Yakima RoundBar SL Adapters are necessary for a complete rack system with Yakima's RoundBar and StreamLine Tower mounts.
NewYakima BoatLocker Locking Security Cable
Yakima BoatLocker Locking Security ...
There's no better way to secure your kayak than with the Yakima BoatLocker Locking Security Cable! This 10 foot cable secures your boat to your roof rack, giving you peace of mind that your boat won't slide off during transport! PaddleCuffs are included to ensure you'll never be up the creek without a paddle.
NewYakima SKS Lock Cores
Yakima SKS Lock Cores
Lock all of your Yakima products with Yakima SKS Lock Cores! SKS means "same key system," which enables you to lock and unlock multiple locks with just one key.
NewYakima Soft Straps
Yakima Soft Straps
Secure your kayak or other gear with Yakima Soft Straps. These tough and dependable tie-downs deliver strength and protection. Built with durable webbing, you can secure your load easily while the neoprene cover protects a kayak, cooler, and vehicles. An integrated hook and loop cover stashes excess strap.
$29.00 - $39.00
NewYakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender Height Extension
Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender H...
Expand the amount of space for your gear with the Yakima LongArm Truck Bed Extender Height Extension. Pair this piece with your truck bed extender to increase its height, freeing up your truck bed space for other gear. This extension can carry loads up to 165 lbs. It features aluminum construction with anchor straps to safely secure your kayak or canoe.
NewYakima Roof Rack Cross Bar End Caps
Yakima Roof Rack Cross Bar End Caps
Yakima Roof Rack Cross Bar End Caps are replacement end caps for the following Yakima Crossbar models: CoreBar, JetStream, and RoundBar.
NewYakima RackandRoll Trailer
Yakima RackandRoll Trailer
The Yakima RackandRoll Trailer is sturdy, lightweight, and has enough room for everything you need on your next big trip. A lightweight aluminum frame offers a stable ride for all of your favorite gear, and stores upright in the off season with small wheels on the rear for ease of use when storing. This trailer comes equipped with 4 in. of independent wheel travel for greater stability and gear protection, and a carrying handle allows you to use this lightweight trailer as a hand cart for conven...
$2,149.00 - $2,299.00
NewYakima Outdoorsman 300 Truck Bed Rack
Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Truck Bed Rack
The Yakima Outdoorsman 300 Truck Bed Rack leaves you full access to your truck bed while creating a heavy-duty top-of-vehicle truck rack system. These are sold as pairs - purchase one pair and combine with rooftop towers for an efficient roofing system, or purchase two pairs for a whole set to combine with round bars for a standalone rack that raises above your entire truck bed. This rough and tough rack can hold up to 300 lbs. of gear, ensuring you’ll never have to worry about running out of ro...
NewYakima Showboat 66 Load Assist Roller
Yakima Showboat 66 Load Assist Roller
The Yakima Showboat 66 Load-Assist Roller protects your vehicle and makes the job easy when loading and unloading your boat. This roller slides out over the rear of the vehicle, and adjusts from side to side when loading multiple kayaks. The assembly fits Yakima round, square, factory, and aerodynamic crossbars, and is padded to further save your gear from hits, bumps, and dings.
NewYakima ShowDown Load Assist Mount
Yakima ShowDown Load Assist Mount
The Yakima ShowDown Load Assist Mount is lightweight, strong, and able to handle both stand-up paddleboards and kayaks. While this product only weighs 21 pounds, it can handle up to 80 lbs. of gear with ease. Tilting down more than two feet from the roof rack, the Yakima ShowDown can raise up to 45% of the boats weight and securely holds it on top of your roof for the drive. Your next kayaking excursion just got so much easier!
NewYakima Trailer Tongue Extension Kit
Yakima Trailer Tongue Extension Kit
Use the Yakima Trailer Tongue Extension Kit to add three extra feet to your trailer for more boat! Depending on the vehicle hitch and boat positions, you can fit one kayak up to 22 feet long, or two 21 foot kayaks.
NewYakima JetStream Roof Rack Cross Bars
Yakima JetStream Roof Rack Cross Bars
The Yakima JetStream Roof Rack Cross Bars are sleek, strong, and good-looking - a perfect fit for your gear. T-Slots with SmartFill push-down infills make for easy mounting and efficient airflow, and the clear anodized alloy finish and high gloss polymer end caps make these as stylish and cool as they are useful. Specially engineered to be quiet, tough, and aerodynamic, these cross bars feature wind tunnel tested JetFlow teardrop shapes and JetTruss internal support engineering to add extra stre...
NewYakima 5 Spoke Spare Trailer Tire
Yakima 5 Spoke Spare Trailer Tire
Be prepared for any bumps in the road ahead with the Yakima 5 Spoke Spare Trailer Tire. This spare tire and wheel fits all Yakima RackandRoll trailers and comes with all mounting hardware needed.
NewYakima JayHook Kayak Rack
Yakima JayHook Kayak Rack
Designed to carry all types of kayaks, the Yakima JayHook Kayak Rack is simple, sturdy, and easy to load. Its side-loading J cradles are durable for years of use and super secure for winding river roads. These cradles are padded to protect your kayak during transport. The tool-free, universal mounting hardware fits most roof racks, allowing you to quickly mount, load your kayak, and get on the road. Heavy-duty straps and tie-downs are included, so you're all set for your next kayaking adventure.
NewYakima EvenKeel Universal Kayak Saddles
Yakima EvenKeel Universal Kayak Sad...
Featuring a universal fit, the Yakima EvenKeel Universal Kayak Saddles fits most round, square, factory, and aerodynamic bars. These kayak saddles flex and cradle your boat while the heavy-duty straps and bow/stern tie-downs secure the vessel for transport. They are easy to install with an approved crossbar spread of two feet. These low-profile saddles are perfect for the minimalist kayaker.
NewYakima CoreBar Roof Rack Cross Bars
Yakima CoreBar Roof Rack Cross Bars
Building on an aerodynamic design with sturdy steel, Yakima gives you CoreBar Roof Rack Cross Bars - a quiet and stylish roof rack for your kayak. Its galvanized steel is strong enough to hold a load up to 220 pounds. The unique JetFlow teardrop shape was wind tunnel tested to provide you with less wind noise and better fuel economy.
NewYakima JayLow Rooftop Kayak Rack
Yakima JayLow Rooftop Kayak Rack
The low maintenance Yakima JayLow Rooftop Kayak Rack can carry one or two kayaks with ease. Fully assembled out of the box, all you have to do is fit it on to your cross bars and you're ready to load up your kayak! Carry one vessel in the J-cradle position or two boats in the vertical, stacker position. This kayak rack is easy to adjust and folds flat when you're not using it. The Yakima JayLow Rooftop Kayak Rack supports two boats under 110 lbs.
NewYakima Bow / Stern Tie Downs
Yakima Bow / Stern Tie Downs
Make your kayak travel-safe and secure it with the Yakima Bow / Stern Tie Downs. Featuring handy ratchet pulleys, securing your kayak has never been easier! You can also use these corrosion-resistant tie downs for securing other non-nautical loads like ladders or lumber.
NewYakima BoatLoader EVO Boat Loading Assist Arm
Yakima BoatLoader EVO Boat Loading ...
Make loading your kayak a breeze with the Yakima BoatLoader EVO Boat Loading Assist Arm! The corrosion-resistant, telescoping load-assist arm extends up to 28 in. to help you easily get your kayak onto your roof rack. It also protects your kayak, canoe, and care from dings, scratches, dents when you are loading up. The arm retracts into the bar for instant storage. Don't waste time struggling to load up your vehicle. Your next adventure awaits!
NewYakima BigStack Stacking Kayak Rack
Yakima BigStack Stacking Kayak Rack
You'll quickly become the favorite kayak buddy in your group with the Yakima BigStack Stacking Kayak Rack! The BigStack enables you to carry up to four boats on your roof. Alternatively, you can use that extra space for whatever gear you need for your next multi-sport adventure. The BigStack is equipped with top-of-the-line HullGuard padding to protect your vessel during transport. Its universal built-in hardware fits nearly any shape crossbar, but was optimized for use with Yakima's aerodynamic...
NewYakima SweetRoll Kayak Rack
Yakima SweetRoll Kayak Rack
For the easiest kayak loading experience, outfit your car with the Yakima SweetRoll Kayak Rack! The SweetRoll is a complete system with two front and two rear saddles with integrated rollers for easy loading of one boat. Its tool-free installation allows you to mount this rack to any bar type quickly. The bases are spring-loaded to automatically adjust to your vessel while the tilting paddle technology accommodates a variety of boat sizes and roof rack systems. Outfitted with smooth molded pads,...

At a Glance: Kayak Fishing

Kayaks are narrow, highly maneuverable boats powered by a double-handled paddle and used by anglers and recreational boaters worldwide. Kayaks were originally developed by hunters in the arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient kayaks were made of seal skins stretched over a frame constructed from wood or whale bones, and were custom built by the hunter themselves based on their needs and family traditions. Kayaks take minimal effort to paddle due to their sleek profiles and lightweight construction, making them extremely efficient for arctic conditions. Inuit kayak designs would shield the paddler from bitter cold water by the enclosed decking, which would also provide some storage space for tools or trade goods. The sealed compartment and stable design also allowed for easy recovery if they flipped over. This was extremely important due to the frigid arctic waters they were used in. With kayaking having become widely popular across the globe, kayak designs have changed dramatically, while also retaining their lightweight and easy to maneuver traits.

FishUSA now offers fishing kayaks, which are designed from the water up for anglers and their equipment. These modern kayaks differ from the original hunting kayaks of the Arctic in many ways. Instead of stretching skins or other material over an internal frame, modern kayaks are roto-molded in durable plastics. Polyethylene resins are used to make a hard, hollow shell to support the angler, as well as a wide range of accessories, while also being a bit flexible and impact resistant. Modern fishing kayaks typically do not feature an enclosed compartment like their predecessors did. Due to the physical actions of paddling a low-profile boat while needing access to all equipment at a moment’s notice, the standard design referred to as “sit-on-top” is the preferred style for fishing kayaks. The angler sits on top of the hollow shell which is designed to be in contact with the lower back, legs and feet of the paddler to gain maneuverability while remaining stable. Built-in dry storage compartments and other features allow for storage of tackle, provisions and other items you would want to keep dry. Some fishing kayaks even have live bait compartments built right into the shell.

It seems as if the list of accessories available for the paddling angler is growing daily. While FishUSA offers paddles and life vests, other kayak fishing accessories are available to expand the capabilities for any angler. As kayak fishing grows in popularity, anglers are demanding more and more add-on equipment to enable them to target specific species with a wide variety of tactics. The built-in storage features are already present in the kayak, whereas rod holders, paddle and rod leashes, fish finder mounts, track systems with a myriad of components, deck rigging, and the ever-popular camera mounts are available from a number of manufacturers. The variety of mounts available allows the kayak angler to customize their boat for any number of conditions and tactics, with the ability to document the action from multiple action camera positions. Other kayak accessories include carts for safely hauling to and from a vehicle, kayak anchor kits and anchors, visibility flags, safety and rescue bags, and specialized nets. FishUSA offers everything an angler needs to paddle headlong into the increasingly popular and exciting world of kayak fishing.

FishUSA offers the top brands for fishing kayaks and kayak accessories such as Bonafide, Bending Branches YakGear, YakAttack, RAILBLAZA and Onyx Outdoors.