Kalin's Rattlin' Google Eye Jigs

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Kalin's Rattlin' Google Eye Jigs are lifelike enough to use in a variety of applications, whether in fresh or saltwater environments. These jigs are equipped with a super-sharp Katana hook for a guaranteed piercing hookset. The lifelike head features a glass eye that reflects light and adds visual elements to better attract game fish. Add the Rattlin' Google Eye Jigs to your tackle box today and let these become your favorite to use with your choice of live bait.

  • Lifelike rattling action
  • Glass eye
  • High-carbon steel Katana red hook
  • Precision sharpened
  • ShockwaveRattle System to trigger bites
  • Qty. per Pack: 3

No Barb


I have used various weight rattling jigs since March. The most recent 3/8 and 1/4 oz jigs had barbs that were barely visible. As a result I went thru minnows like crazy. I compared the hooks to other hooks in my case, the lack of barb was very noticable

Rattled the fish

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Those that are insistent on overdose barbs need not apply. Your technique is what counts. These things will attract fish and hold them with a normal hook set.

The quality of this jig is not equivalent to the cost.


It does catch fish as much as most jigs do. I did have some quality issues with these. First, the hook bent after second fish. Normally not a problem but in this case it bent in 2 places and the wire is so thin it is weakened. Second, the google eye came out of the jig head on the 3rd fish. Maybe I received a bad batch.

Protruding Eye Rattle Breaks off When Fishing Rocks


The rattle definitely attracts fish in stained water, especially if using a scented soft jig plastic like Gulp or Keitech. The problem with these jigs is that the protruding rattle eyes break off when fishing rocky structure. I had at least 6 break thereby releasing the BB while on Lake of the Woods.