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Ice Master Ice Auger/Power Drill Conversion Kit

Item No.: 102404

This item is out of stock for the season. Please check back in October.

Product Details

Product Details

Ice Master Ice Auger/Power Drill Conversion Kits makes converting your hand auger into a power as easy as inserting a drill bit into your drill! The affordable Ice Master adapters turn your existing power drill and ice auger into a easy-to-configure power auger! These Adapters will work with any cordless power drill, but 18.0 volt or higher drills are recommended. The Adapter fits 1/2 drill chucks.

The Ice Master features the exclusive Adapter Retainer. This feature protects the auger from falling through the ice (to the bottom of the lake) if the chuck comes loose. In addition, it takes the stress off the drill chuck from the weight of the auger.

  • StrikeMaster/Eskimo Adapter - works with StrikeMaster Mora and Lazer hand augers, and Eskimo Standard and Barracuda hand augers. Please note that newer model Eskimo hand augers may require the pin hole of the Ice Master unit to be enlarged. Two-piece kit.
  • Nils USA Adapter - works with Nils USA hand augers. This three-piece kit includes a large nut and bolt for use with this make of auger only.

Ice Master Ice Auger/Power Drill Conversion Kits are made in the U.S.A.

Money Well Spent

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i used this on a 24v drill with a 6" auger. it worked great. ice here is 8-10 inches.

works great


getting too old to drill holes by hand. I used my 18 volt drill and got about twelve holes with six inches of ice with one charge. love it



Looked like it was going to work good at first but figured out the hole is in the wrong spot for my mora auger, so I guess I got some drilling to do.

Ice Master conversion kit

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Works best with a six inch auger. The seven inch lazer was too much for a 19.2 volt drill, but worked effortlessly with a six inch drill and 18 inches of ice. I could not get one hole drilled with the seven inch auger, but the ice was 26 inches deep. Would work OK in ten inches or less.

Handy addition for ice fishing

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This product works great with my 5" Lazer and my 18volt drill. Sure beats hand drilling! Carry a spare battery and you should be set for quite a few holes!