Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 DI Fish Finder

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Product Details

Product Details

Get a fresh perspective of what's below your boat with the Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 DI Fish Finder! Featuring a stylish 4.3 in. color LCD display and down imaging, you'll easily distinguish fish from structures. A dual beam sonar lets you choose a narrow beam for great detail or a wide beam for a large coverage area. If you enable Fish ID+ and fish alarms, you'll never miss what species you are targeting! Navigate the waters with total confidence with the Humminbird PiranhaMAX 4 DI Fish Finder!

  • Display size: 4.3 in. diagonal
  • Display pixel: 272 x 480
  • Sonar coverage: 28-degrees, 16-degrees, and 74-degrees @ -10dB
  • Sonar frequencies supported: 200/455/455 kHz
  • Depth sonar: 320 ft (20) 455 kHz, 600 ft (20) 200 kHz
  • Depth down imaging: 320 ft
  • Power draw: 180 mA
  • Power input: 10.8-20 VDC
  • Power output peak-to-peak: 2400 Watts
  • Power output: RMS 300 Watts
  • Includes fish finder, transducer, mounting hardware, power cable, and gimbal mounting bracket
  • DualBeam
    • Combines two beams for even more detail. Use Wide Mode for maximum search area or Narrow Mode to hone in on the small stuff with laser precision.
  • Down Imaging
    • The incredible images shown in Down Imaging are a result of high-frequency sonar beams transmitting in ultra-thin slices through the water column. The sonar returns from these beams produce a portrait-like snapshot of what lies beneath your boat. As you patrol the water, you'll see fish, reefs, timber, brush, bridge pilings, rocks and other structure or cover explode with stunning detail.
  • Fish ID+
    • When enabled, it uses advanced signal processing to interpret sonar returns and will display a Fish Symbol when very selective requirements are met. When a fish is detected, a fish icon and its depth are displayed above the return that has been classified as being a fish. Three different fish size icons represent the intensity of the sonar return and provide an indicator of relative fish size.

Please note: Once opened, the product cannot be returned and if defective or damaged must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement.


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Fantastic easy to use fishfinder


Easy to setup and get fishing right out of box. The down imaging is awesome for locating structure and fish on a troll. Really like this unit, so much I plan to buy another transducer and set up a mobile unit for ice fishing as well.