HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up

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Product Details

The HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up is a durable, plastic tip up. Features of this tip-up include a unique line guide designed for easy in and out line placement that still holds line in while fishing, three holes in the bottom of the reel for hooking your hook to keep leaders straight, and a guaranteed no "freeze up" design even in sub-zero temperatures. Constructed of solid, high-impact A.B.S. plastic, The HT Enterprises Deluxe Polar Tip-Up is stronger than traditional wood, and the innovative V-shape frame allows for easy removal from the ice.

  • Ultra-smooth, multiple designed trip shaft
  • No "freeze up" in sub-zero temps
  • "Ends" on frame for fast line pick-up
  • Flag wire on a slight angle can be placed on either side of trip shaft for lighter or heavier settings
  • Base can be used for a line wrapping board
  • Base Length: 17 1/2 in.


Ratings & Reviews

21 Reviews

nice fune for kids

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great for a christmas present


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Don't buy ifntypically have > a foot of snow on ice, otherwise love them. Recommend 500 ft spool vs 200 ft

Polar Tip-UpsOff, black

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Good quality but lack of instructions. This idiot needs all the help he can get! Especially for the drag and best way to set flag. Otherwise good.

Polar Tip Ups

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I have used Polar Ice Tip Ups for years and years. I have only ordered more because my Family have begun fishing the winter months. They have always worked well. A few things I noticed are the new tip ups have some extras added that really aren't needed. For instance, a bracket that holds the flag down. Traditionally, the flag would just tuck under the notch or flat spool area. I will remove mine on the new tip ups and it can be easily done. I would also like to see flag extensions for these flat laying tip ups. I made my own extensions. They can be problematic in high snow conditions. Don't let this discourage you. These are long lasting tip ups.

These Tip ups are a good choice!

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These tip ups work well, only used for 4 days this yr with good results!