Guardian Angel Devices Elite Series Multi-Functional Kayak Light

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Product Details

Product Details

Light the night up with the Guardian Angel Devices Elite Series Multi-Functional Kayak Light! Weighing in at just 3 ounces and featuring a powerful magnetic mounting system, this lightweight light is built to attach to nearly any surface! Dustproof, shockproof, and waterproof; the Kayak Light is built to handle it all! The Elite Series Kayak Light is made with a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Designed to keep you safe, this light has long-range visibility, be seen up to five miles away with these powerful LED's.

The Kayak Light has four brightness levels, low, medium, high, and max. The lights and patterns on each side of the light can be controlled independently, giving you maximum versatility to light up exactly how you need. This light is also equipped with a low light red light designed to offer light for you without compromising your night vision. The light is configured with an emergency mode, which activates all the strobe features of all the lights or an emergency SOS flash. Whether you’re looking for a light to help you see or make sure you're being seen, the Guardian Angel Elite Series Kayak Light will fit your every need.

  • Enhanced LEDs with 4 brightness settings
  • Lightweight – Approximately 3 oz.
  • Durable – Waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, IP68 Rated
  • Long Range Visibility – Rated up to 5 miles of visibility using 18 high powered LEDs, 360°-degree illumination
  • Stealth Work Light Feature – Single white LED work light for low light environments
  • Four Different Brightness Settings – Low, Medium, High, and Max
  • Extreme Battery Life – Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • High capacity battery
  • Type-C charging connector - We upgraded from Micro USB to Type-C. Not only is it easier to plug in, but it also has reduced the charging time from dead to full to less than 2 hours, even with the bigger battery.
  • Built in Magnet Mounting System – Built-in Neodymium magnet and corresponding magnet clip (included) attaches to nearly any surface
  • Constant On or Flashing Patterns – Either side has constant on or flashing settings
  • Independent Light Controls – 4 different light controls provide maximum lighting versatility, including an all-flash emergency mode
  • SOS feature - Holding down the Brightness Setting button will set the device to SOS flash pattern strobe.
  • Heatsink on the PCB board - With this new heat sync, the outside of the device remains at about same temperature even while the LEDs are on the brightest setting.
  • Tether attachment - All devices have a small built-in hinge where the tether can be attached (tether sold separately)
  • LED battery indicator - If you hold down the R button, LEDs on the backside of the device will animate showing the amount of battery life left

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older design was a little better (for kayaks).


I trusted the magnet on my first one too much- tether this baby! Keep in mind- kayak nav lighting is an "off-label" use for this product. My complaints with the new one- the lighted area wraps around more and shines back at you, 5 green leds vs 3 red leds = imbalanced light. A piece of gorilla tape across the back and side to cover a couple green leds fixed the issue- downside is having to run at a higher setting to get "enough" red light. Also, there's nothing to indicate battery life but I can say steady on @ medium is more than 5 hours. Pros- bright, compact, easy to install, handles repetitious shallow water submersion.

Best Light Ever


Purchased a Guardian Angel last year for work as a police officer. At that point I realized Guardian Angel Device offered allot more than just police colors. After doing some digging I saw the Red/Green light. I purchased it with the marine mount which has a strong adhesive. I mount the light in low light mornings or evenings and am visible for a long distance. I also purchased a white front and red rear and wear that in my pfd. This light is great for rigging, packing up, and it keeps me visible in low light boat ramps especially during tournament season. They seriously thought of everything with these lights and accessories. I highly recommend this product. IMO it’s one of the most innovative things I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve seriously went months without charging this seems to run forever!

Most Versatile Light!


I have been using this light for the past year and the older model for a few years before and it is a GREAT product! So many different uses for kayaking. I have the magnet mount on the front of my kayak and always have the constant red and green on when I am out before dawn and after dusk. The light works awesome with my VISI Carbon pro and makes me super visible. It has a flashing mode that is super bright in case on an emergency. I can also throw it on my PFD and use the white work light for getting rigged up. Then when I am transporting my kayak I put it on the bow that is sticking out of the truck bed and turn it on flashing red on the low or medium level. It is way easier and safer than tying a little red flag on it. I haven't charged the battery in over a month now, it lasts forever! Overall very impressed and highly recommend!