Geecrack Spiron Soft Bait

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Item No.: F19997


A Geecrack Spiron Soft Bait will attract hunting predators first by the fanning tail action and flat body shape meant to take after bluegill. When brought into the mouth, fish are met with the scent and flavor of shrimp! Geecrack's proprietary S.A.F. (salt + amino acid + flavor) in the 3.8 inches long Spiron Soft Bait lures bass and other game fish into holding on that split second longer that is sometimes necessary for the hook-up! You can fish the Spiron using multiple rigging styles: Jika, Texas, Carolina, or without a sinker weight. Give your target fish a feast for the eyes and mouth however you choose to tantalize them with a Geecrack Spiron Soft Bait!

  • Flat body designed to mimic a bluegill
  • Wiggles its tails
  • Slit for perfect hook placement
  • Recommend offset hook #4/0
  • Rig in multiple styles: Jika, Texas, No Sinker, or Carolina
  • S.A.F. (Salt + Amino Acid + Flavor) Material
  • Qty. per Pack: 5


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