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Garmin Panoptix PS30

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The Garmin Panoptix PS30 down-looking transducer gives you three ways to look at the fish swimming around and under your vessel in real time, even when you're sitting still on the water. Cast where the fish are, watch as your bait falls in the water column, and see them chase your lure as you work your favorite technique! Learn what is or is not working that day and adjust your presentation! The PS30 provides three distinct views to your chartplotter screen: LiveVü Down, RealVü 3-D Down, and RealVü 3-D Historical. Use LiveVü to see fish in relation to your boat and distinguish between baitfish and larger target fish. RealVü 3-D Down sends 3D images while the boat is not moving; use RealVü 3-D Historical while moving to look for fish from the bottom to the top of the whole water column you have cruised over. The transducer transom mounting kit is included. Find your target fish and see how to fish for them smarter with the Garmin Panoptix PS30 down-looking transducer!

  • LiveVü Down provides real-time moving sonar images
  • RealVü 3-D Down allows your boat to be stationary and still see images in 3D around your boat
  • RealVü 3-D Historical is used for finding fish while your boat is moving
  • Includes:
    • PS30 down-looking transducer (integrated 30 ft network cable, 15 ft power cable)
    • Transom mount
    • Split ring RJ45 connector
    • Documentation
  • Technical Specifications:
    • Frequency: 417 kHz
    • Power: 144 W
    • Beam Width: 120 degrees x 90 degrees
    • Maximum Depth: 300 feet
    • Depth / Speed / Temperature: Depth
    • Number of Pins: Ethernet
    • Cable Length: Power cable 15 feet, Ethernet cable 30 feet
    • Supported Deadrise / Transom Angles: 0 degrees - 70 degrees transom