Gamma Touch 100% Super Fluorocarbon Line

$14.99 - $35.99
Item No.: F20657
$14.99 - $35.99

Product Details

Product Details

The Gamma Touch 100% Super Fluorocarbon Line is the line for you if drop-shot fishing is the way you like to reach suspending bass hanging a couple of feet from the bottom and looking for baitfish instead of some crawling creature below. Gamma Touch fluoro line is designed specifically for finesse fishing techniques. It is ultra-sensitive for maximum strike detection as you move the lure about to entice a fish bite.

Gamma Touch Super fluoro fishing line is molecularly altered to attain this sensitivity, as well as that flexibility you need to make the bait swim in the water naturally. This process also ensures the Gamma Touch is a high tenacity line – strong and abrasion-resistant. If you're not catching fish with drop-shot techniques, it might not be you but rather your choice of line that is the problem. If you're back for a refill, then you already know that Gamma Touch 100% Super Fluorocarbon Line works!

  • Ultra-sensitive for maximum strike detection
  • Flexible (for natural presentations)
  • Increased strengths
  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

2 lb.0.0045 in.0.11 mm
3 lb.0.0055 in.0.14 mm
4 lb.0.0065 in.0.16 mm
5 lb.0.0075 in.0.19 mm
7 lb.0.0085 in.0.22 mm
8 lb.0.0095 in.0.24 mm
9 lb.0.0105 in.0.27 mm

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great line


Gamma touch is my new favorite fluorocarbon. i fish the 7# for literally everything. This is my go to for steelhead and for smallmoutj. ive even landed lakers on it!