Gamma Polyflex High-Performance Copolymer Line

$8.99 - $119.99
Item No.: F13124
$8.99 - $119.99

Product Details

Product Details

Gamma Polyflex High-Performance Copolymer Line has low coil memory which helps it to cast long distances with accuracy. This line is abrasion resistant with a high breaking strength that stands up to tough conditions. Gamma Copolymer Line goes the distance when performance is key.

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I switched to Gamma a few years back and now I cannot fathom using anything else. Great product and great customer service.

Great Product.


I have used this line for many years. A great value.

Feel the difference


Pleased with the lack of memory and low stretch of this line. Casts and handles very well as a result. I used the 4-lb break strength for casting to shad (1-4 lb fish) in small to medium rivers. Performed admirably. Only on my first season with this product, but so far, so good.
One thing I didn't like: when I would inevitably get snagged, there was no telling where the line would part. My old mono would give way somewhere near the lure, and I end up only losing a few inches. When this line fails, it blasts apart with a resounding pop at some undetermined weak point far up the line, leaving me with whole yards lost. My knots were sound and I'm pretty sure my line wasn't chafed.

Great Product

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great line, works well on pickey fish in super clear water. My wif and I went out for a day of fishing, She was using 4lb test of another brand and I was using the 2bl test Gamma. I caught 3 to her 1 and it is usally the other way around. She now is spooled up with the 2lb Gamma.