Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material

$8.99 - $36.99
Item No.: F13123
$8.99 - $36.99

Product Details

Product Details

Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material has incredible strength, flexibility, and elasticity. This leader material is two times more shock resistant than other leading fluorocarbon lines. The natural refractive qualities of this line mean it is virtually invisible under water. Gamma 100% Fluorocarbon Leader Material surpasses the performance demands of professional anglers.

1.5 lb.0.004 in.0.10 mm
2 lb.0.005 in.0.13 mm
3 lb.0.006 in.0.15 mm
4 lb.0.007 in.0.18 mm
6 lb.0.008 in.0.20 mm
8 lb.0.009 in.0.22 mm
10 lb.0.010 in.0.25 mm
12 lb.0.013 in.0.33 mm
16 lb.0.015 in.0.38 mm
20 lb.0.017 in.0.43 mm
25 lb.0.019 in.0.48 mm
30 lb.0.021 in.0.53 mm
40 lb.0.024 in.0.61 mm
50 lb.0.026 in.0.66 mm
60 lb.0.029 in.0.74 mm
80 lb.0.035 in.0.89 mm

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I have only been fishing for two years come Aug 2022, but I've got over 340 days on the water and regularly compete in Kayak fishing tournaments. Out of all the different flouros ive tried, this Gamma is by far the best! It's all I use for a leader line now that I've discovered it!

Best of the best


I’ve used a lot of fluorocarbon material over the years and this is by far the best I’ve found. It’s tougher and has less memory than other brands. I won’t use anything else.

great leader line


I think its the best leader line on the market for walleye, 20lb

Love it


Have been using Gamma for a couple of years. Works for anything from trout to tuna, ties easily and holds the combo knotsbreak strength is a bonus. This line is great.

Great leader

by -

Great for walleye leaders too