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Gamakatsu Under Spin Jig Head

Item#: F19581

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Product Details

A Gamakatsu Under Spin Jig Head is built to be tough and keep your swimbaits and other plastics looking lifelike under all retrieval speeds. The streamlined jig head profile is designed to pull through heavy cover while the pair of recessed eyes are there to grab your quarry's attention as you pull the Under Spin Jig Head through their ambush points. Out in the open, the premium ball-bearing swivel spins the chrome blade freely to imitate a baitfish no matter how slowly you make the retrieve. Skewer swimbaits and other soft plastics into place with the spring lock to hold them straight and firm while allowing them to move as they are designed. Ideal for use with a heavy braid or fluorocarbon line, you'll find the heavy wire, wide gap design, and the 60-degree angle increases your hook-up ratio! If you like to use bulky swimbaits out in the open and in heavy cover, select a Gamakatsu Under Spin Jig Head!

  • Gamakatsu Spring Lock holds swimbaits and other plastics gently but firmly, keeping your presentation straight on the hook
  • The head profile is streamlined to glide through cover
  • Ideal for heavy braid or fluorocarbon line
  • Qty. per Pack:1