Gamakatsu Spin Bait Hooks

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Product Details

Product Details

Gamakatsu Spin Bait Hooks integrate the company's swivel, independent of the hook, to allow spinning freedom and reduction of line twist. Popular in the Midwest for walleye fishing, you can rig Spin Bait Hooks behind spinner blades and prop blades. Or, use Spin Bait Hooks by themselves trailing a simple bead. Nano Smooth Coat results in more stealthy approaches underwater. Live and plastic baits are held tightly along the shank with bait keeper barbs. Twirl your way to a good day of walleye fishing with Gamakatsu Spin Bait Hooks!

  • The Spin Bait hook can be rigged behind spinner blades, prop blades or used alone with just a simple bead in front of them
  • Unique design incorporates a Gamakatsu swivel that is independent of the hook
  • Bait keeper barbs on the shank hold live and plastic baits on more securely.
  • Qty. per Pack:4


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