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FlipClip Stabilizing Fish Fin Weights

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Product Details

FlipClip Stabilizing Fish Fin Weights keep deep caught fish from going belly up in your live well for tournament weigh-ins and enhance their chance of survival when released. When a bass is pulled from deep water, its air bladder swells, in turn causing the fish to turn upside down. FlipClip Stabilizing Weights work by attaching them to the anal fin, stabilizing the fish, and forcing its gills to remain submerged underwater. Because the fish saves energy by not trying to upright itself, the stabilizing weights reduce its stress and increase its chances of survival.

The nickel-plated clip grasps the fin firmly with the perfect amount of tension and also prevents the clip from rusting. Textured teeth on the clip create friction to keep it in place on the fin while simultaneously preventing trauma. Each weighted portion of the FlipClip is rubber-coated with a different color, so it won't scratch the bottom of your livewell and allow you to identify the smallest fish as you cull them back into the water throughout the tournament day. This non-invasive method for keeping deep-caught fish alive for weigh-in increases their chances of survival afterward, keeping the fishery healthy for the long run. If you plan to enter tournaments, give fish a fighting chance to survive with FlipClip Stabilizing Fish Fin Weights!

  • Non-invasive tool prevents fish to belly up; great for tournament anglers
  • Fish friendly accessory that significantly increases chances of their survival
  • Attach FlipClip to your fish anal fin
  • Colored for use as a culling tag
  • Nickel-plated clip
  • Stainless steel spring and rivet
  • Rubber coated to reduce lead contamination
  • Qty. per Pack: 3 (One red, one white, one blue)