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Fishmore T3 Pro Jigs & Spoons Jig Box

Item#: F21128

$29.99 - $39.99
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Product Details

The Fishmore T3 Pro Jigs & Spoons Jig Box could become your favorite and best jig box in your cache of jig case storage options. The slotted foam in the T3 Pro Jig Box engulfs the entire hook for secure holding power and absorbs impacts that otherwise could damage your jigs. No chipped paint as they hold in place. Maybe best of all, this Fishmore Company Jigs and Spoons Box prevents accidental finger pokes and keeps your jigs tangle-free and organized.

The T3 Pro Series is far from the average "one size fits all" concept of tackle boxes, allowing you to quickly find the spoon or jig you want without the need to untangle all the lures. The Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3 Pro Series) boxes distance themselves from other jigging lure cases by using high-quality, closed-cell foam that withstands the elements and maintains the sharpness of hooks by keeping them separated. The fact that foam is super buoyant helps matters in case the Fishmore Pro T3 box tumbles into the water. If you've tried many different ways to organize your jigs but were disappointed, try the T3 Pro Jigs & Spoons Box to preserve your lures in working order and keep them looking great!

  • Patent pending T3 Pro series positions itself as the end of one size fits all fishing tackle boxes
  • Keeps hooks separated and sharp
  • Displays entire lure color profile
  • Enables hook-free lure handling even with gloves
  • Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box
  • Adds flotation to tackle box
  • Makes organization easy and sustainable, leaving one less excuse for why fish didn't bite
Lure Size3600 Box Capacity3700 Box Capacity
Jigs20 - 5" Slots26 - 6 7/8" Slots

The Fishmore T3 Pro Jigs & Spoons Jig Box is made in the U.S.A.