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Fishmore T3 Pro Bomber 15A Long A Box

Item#: 206464

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Product Details

Fishmore T3 Pro Bomber 15A Long A Box strives to rise above all of the best tackle boxes to keep your lures damage-free. The Fishmore T3 Pro Bomber Long A tackle box departs from the one size fits all fishing experience by securing your Bombers in custom molded, high-quality, closed-cell foam to withstand the elements. Specialized patent-pending "Crank Cavities" within the foam of the T3 Pro Series feature more than the "one size fits all" concept of tackle trays. You can easily find the 15A Long A  Bomber of your choice without the need to untangle all the lures and treble hooks. Unlike open compartment cases, the specialized tangle-free tackle tray (T3) secures lures inside individual wells for the body and stores hooks separately. Find the Bomber Long A lure you want and pick it up by the bill without getting stuck by a hook!

The Fishmore T3 Pro Series keeps lures from banging into each other. Treble hooks suspend in individual hook wells while the drain holes channel water away. The Fishmore company views tackle boxes as specialized equipment, and T3 tackle trays take organization and security to the next level. One size fits all equipment leads to tangled lures, trebles, and hand injury. Gain the confidence that your box won't ever ruin your lures with the Fishmore T3 Pro Bomber Long A Box!

  • Tangle-free Tackle Tray (T3)
  • Designed custom fit for Bomber Long A lures (15A)
    • 3600 box capacity: TBD
    • 3700 box capacity: 12 
  • Built with high-quality, closed cell foam
  • Specialized patent pending Crank Cavities keep hooks separated – each lure and hook individually contained in form-fitting security
  • Feature hook wells with integrated drain holes at the base
  • Entire lure color profile on display
  • Enables hook-free lure handling
  • Secures and protects lures from banging around in the box
  • Makes organization easy and sustainable
  • Adds flotation to tackle box

The Fishmore T3 Pro Bomber 15A Long A Box is made in the U.S.A.