Centerpin & Float Reels

Centerpin fishing reels (sometimes spelled "centrepin reels") are the perfect option for drag-free float fishing. Also commonly referred to as float reels, they have a large diameter and can spin without drag or resistance on the center pin. Reel designs like this allow for a more natural appearance for the bait, obscuring the line from fish that might be scared by it. Because of that center pin, reels of this type are great for salmon and steelhead fishing. If you're looking for a centerpin reel, you'll find a great selection at FishUSA. We have float reels from top manufacturers like Kingpin, Islander, Raven and Okuma. Get your centerpin reel today!

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Kingpin Imperial Centerpin Reel
8 Options
$425.00 - $475.00
Kingpin Kinetic Centerpin Reel
5 Options
$300.00 - $350.00
Raven Matrix Centerpin Reel
7 Options
$259.99 - $359.99
Redband 45 Centerpin Reel
2 Options
Kingpin R2 Centerpin Reel
4 Options