FishUSA Premium Self Righting Mini Planer Boards

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Product Details

Product Details

FishUSA Premium Self Righting Mini Planer Boards are just the ticket for big board trolling applications with a tow line. If you want a unique and durable set of planer boards, then these Self Righting Mini Planer Boards, sold exclusively at FishUSA, will more than suffice. Designed, tested, and endorsed by FishUSA personnel and our pro staff, these dependable boards offer distinctive features not found elsewhere!

For example, if you've ever experienced a planer board flip and shoot across the back of the boat (or, even worse, watched in horror as they dived to the bottom), we know the feeling, and it's not fun. Our self-righting boards won't dive; instead, they turn themselves upright from a flipover, giving anglers peace of mind when fishing rough water.

Our Mini Planer Boards improve trolling behind smaller vessels or when fishing only a few rods on each side. We recommended attaching the boards to 200 - 250 lb. Spectra braid tow line, like PowerPro Spectra Downrigger Cable Replacement line, to unveil their best performance.

Each set arrives with one left and one right board and is pre-assembled, ready to fish. Other product details: quality stainless steel hardware, four flags (two spares), and light "no rot" composite material construction providing you with a quality set of lightweight planer boards for years to come. If you seek a pair of unparalleled trolling planers, you found them in these FishUSA Premium Self Righting Mini Planer Boards!

  • Mini planer boards are designed not to dive; they will self-right if they flip
  • Fully assembled composite construction
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 18 7/8 L x 8 W x 7 3/8 in. H
  • Open width between boards: 6 in.
  • Includes four flags (two spares)
  • Qty. per Pack: one port and one starboard side board

Note: The mini boards are not designed to run 4-5 lines per side of the boat or for running more than two long copper lines off them.

The FishUSA Premium Self Righting Mini Planer Boards are handcrafted and assembled in the U.S.A.

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Top Notch Board


These things are legit. Absolutely love them for fishing off my small boat.

Unique and Quality Planer Board


I had the pleasure of testing this planer board and it's very unique. The best feature about this board is if you are in big waves and it flips over, the board will self right and run true. This board has been tested in 5ft+ waves on Lake Erie and Lake Ontario and I would highly recommend. One thing to know is that this board is not meant to have several heavy lines run off them. My recommendation is no more than two copper lines per side or 3 lead cores. If you're walleye fishing and flat lining crankbaits off the boards I would suggest 3 lines. This board is a great option for small boat fisherman because they are so compact. The material is a no rot composite and will last forever (as long as you don't step on them......) For best performance I recommend running the boards with a 250lb spectra line. My recommendation is the powerpro downrigger braid. The smaller diameter line doesn't weight the board down like 500 or 800lb planer board line will.