FishUSA Original Kayak Kushion

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Product Details

Product Details

The FishUSA Original Kayak Kushion provides seating comfort you may not know you even miss! Yet, do you remember standing after paddling or sitting during long stretches and your legs and back bark at you? The Kayak Kushion helps to prevent those annoying leg tingles and back cramps you might feel upon getting up from your seat. A second FishUSA Kushion behind your back adds additional support and upholds warmth when fishing on cooler days. The quick-connect military-grade mounting system features anti-slip cam buckles. The heavy-duty zipper on the antimicrobial FishUSA cover lets you remove it for cleaning. You might not think you need the extra padding, but you will appreciate it once you plop your fanny into the FishUSA Original Kayak Kushion!

  • FishUSA logo printed boldly in white on a black cushion
  • Lightweight patented technology
  • High-quality grade sewing
  • Tactical strap with anti-slip cam buckle
  • Breathable material
  • Zipper accessibility
  • Washable
  • Non-collapsible and functional

FishUSA Original Kayak Kushion is made in the U.S.A.

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KUSHION is of great quality very comfy

Butt wait, there's more.


A friend of mine highly recommended that I buy a Kayak Kushion. The price is a little scary, when comparing seat cushion prices but it really does make a huge difference in seat comfort. It's money well spent. I got a pedal drive fishing kayak in August and started to log many hours out fishing. The seat was good for a few hours but after that it was really uncomfortable. I fished out of the Kushionless stock seat for over a month hoping that it would break in. Not! In comparison, by adding the Kayak Kushion, I don't even think about my butt now, even during 8 - 10 hour days. I rarely stand while fishing so those hours are basically all seat time hours. Butt sore no more.

Must Have Product


I own two of these. One for the seat and one for my back. These are a must have and will save you a lot of back trouble in the long run. They are made from a unique material but the comfort that these cushions provide is amazing. Highly recommend if you are looking for additional comfort.