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Fish Hawk

Fish Hawk Lithium Pro Probe

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The Fish Hawk Lithium Pro Probe and the Fish Hawk Lithium Pro Probe with Charger models are the latest generation of Fish Hawk Electronics' most popular probe. Each is compatible with the Fish Hawk X4. Anglers who take their trolling seriously can rely on the versatile Lithium Pro Probe to deliver accurate speed and temperature information from the depths. This powerful system works flawlessly with any downrigger, making it a must-have addition to any fishing boat.

The Fish Hawk Electronics Lithium Series incorporates four decades of experience with the lithium power anglers expect in modern electronics. The new, maintenance-free probe is 40% smaller than its predecessor and provides a weekend of fishing on a single charge. Fish Hawk Electronics systems can collect speed and temperature data at depth, making trolling a more efficient process. Salmon and trout are sensitive to water temperature, so knowing where it's favorable can help to avoid unproductive water and catch more fish. Underwater currents can affect lures, causing them to behave unnaturally; Fish Hawk Electronics systems measure speed at depth, which helps maintain consistent down speeds and stay on the fish.

  • Compatible with Fish Hawk X4 and X2 Systems
  • Transmits speed and water temperature at depth
  • Lithium Series Probe provides 50+ hours of fishing from a single charge
  • Probe fully charges in 2-4 hours, partially charges in 20 minutes
  • 5,000+ lifetime probe charges
  • Water-activated probe extends battery life
  • A smaller profile cuts through water and minimizes blowback
  • Works with any downrigger
  • The probe uses a 70kHz sonar signal to send data
  • Probe with charger includes wireless charging pad and USB-C cable