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Fish Hawk Lithium Multi System

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The Fish Hawk Lithium Multi System is a model from the Fish Hawk Electronics Lithium Series, which incorporates 40 years of experience in modern fish electronics. It provides the lithium power that anglers expect and can be easily set up or taken down in just a few minutes. This fishing electronics system is the most versatile in the Fish Hawk trolling accessories lineup. You can choose between a transom mount transducer or a patented Slip-Ducer for ultimate portability. The probe is now 40% smaller and provides a full weekend of fishing on a single charge without requiring maintenance.

Fish Hawk Electronics systems provide speed and temperature data at depth, making trolling more efficient. Salmon and trout are sensitive to water temperature, and knowing where it's favorable helps to eliminate nonproductive water and catch more fish. Underwater currents affect lures, causing them to behave unnaturally. Fish Hawk Electronics systems measure speed at depth, helping to maintain consistent down speeds and stay on the fish. Get a Fish Hawk Lithium Multi System for optimal trolling speed and locating the fish's preferred water temperature.

  • Transmits speed and water temperature at depth
  • Lithium Series Probe provides 50+ hours of fishing from a single charge
  • Probe fully charges in 2-4 hours, partially charges in 20 minutes
  • 5,000+ lifetime probe charges
  • Water-activated probe extends battery life
  • A smaller profile cuts through water and minimizes blowback
  • Use with or without a downrigger
  • A patented Slip-Ducer ensures probe and receiver are in perfect alignment
  • Compact, easy-to-read display with backlighting powered by two AA batteries
  • Portable, move from boat to boat
  • RAM Mount compatible
  • Includes protective display cover
  • The probe uses a 70kHz sonar signal to send data
  • The system includes a display, probe, transducer with cable (slip or transom mount), display cover, wireless charging pad, and USB-C cable