Fillet Away Fish Mat

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The Fillet Away Fish Mat is a no-nonsense non-oil-absorbent fillet mat made of high-quality TPV, so you can clean fish without the smell absorbing into your mat. The non-porous material of the mat ensures easy cleaning, and the oil from your catch will wash off when you wash the mat. Rows of pegs hold your fish securely while you fillet away all day. Simply lay the mat on a flat surface, hold your fish against the mat, so the pegs can grab the fish while you cut and clean.

  • Material: TPV
  • Size: 19 in x 14 in.
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

The Fillet Away Fish Mat is made in the U.S.A.

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5/24/2021 7:25 am

Great Product

by MN Fisher

Been using this product for many years. It does exactly what it's meant to do. I also found them very useful on the deck of the boat to keep things from sliding around. Great product and I highly recommend.

5/4/2021 9:20 am

Not as good as advertised

by Joe Land

It is ok for cutting the meat from the back bone, but trying to remove the skin is impossible, you would have to turn the mat over and use the slick side.

11/21/2020 10:01 pm

Excellent Product

by Fish Cleaner

Great product that prevents fish from sliding around when filleting. One mat is great for panfish or small Walleyes. If you're filleting larger Salmon I'd recommend getting two mats.