Epic Baits Under Spin Jig Head

Item No.: F21078

Product Details

Product Details

Pair the Epic Baits Under Spin Jig Head with your favorite paddle tail style trailer to fill out the molded head, which is uncannily natural in its detail and demeanor. The head displays 3D eyes like many, plus expressive finer points with the raised mouth, gills, and fins for a life-like look. Epic Under Spin Jig Heads take realism further by incorporating 30-degree Gamakatsu hooks into the design. This angle brings your swimbait to the proper foraging angle when you rest your retrieve, mimicking a preoccupied baitfish upon which opportunistic predators willingly pounce.

The Epic Baits Underspin sports two adjustable wire form weed guards that you can remove altogether or customize for length to part grasses. As under spin power fishing lures are typically always on the move, a willow leaf blade provides a helpful flash to make the Epic Underspin Jighead deadly when hunting through balls of baitfish. That blade is an American-made component, as is the swivel that reduces line twists and the casting for the head. Take up the Epic weedless under spin jig head whenever you target active bass during prime feeding times.

  • Gamakatsu hooks
  • 30-degree hook and two adjustable wires form excellent weed guards
  • 3D eyes
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

The Epic Baits Under Spin Jig Head is made in the U.S.A.



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